187 So, Tangning is Being Defamed Because She Offended You...

Translator: Yunyi

After seeing the article, Lan Xi's face turned terrifyingly red. She grabbed onto the entertainment magazine and stomped over on her high heeled shoes to Luo Hao's office and threw it in front of him, "Why did you make this decision on your own?"

Luo Hao put down the documents in his hands and stood up from his chair as he explained, "Because, if we continue to wait, we will only be met with Tangning's counterattack."

"She is a careful schemer. With the evidence we have in our hands, it is already enough to destroy her. Since that is the case, why should we continue to wait?"

Lan Xi did not reply to Luo Hao. Actually, she felt that Luo Hao's actions were right...but she didn't like people that made their own decisions without her consent! 

Tangning was currently in London. As long as Cheng Tian didn't do any PR and let the scandal continue to spread, all that would be awaiting Tangning was the netizens disgust and destruction.


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