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"Wasn't this too cheap?"

Everyone in the industry already knew about how she had seduced the boss of Tianyi. But, who would have thought she'd be so brave to compete for an award when she was carrying a child.

"The award flew right out of her hands, how pitiful. However, it's what she deserves. A person like her should be taught a lesson and experience falling to her death!"

"This was a live broadcast, not just a simple bit of humiliation."

The private whisperings below the stage was a huge contrast to the scene above. Mo Yurou widened her eyes and glared at Tangning, her pupils were filled with a deadly hatred.

She had realized, the only person that hated her so much and would take her down like this...was Tangning!

Tangning must have known about her pregnancy. She must have kept her knowledge hidden while she planned out the perfect trap.

Tangning was too good at enduring and too ruthless!

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