Chapter 1(The Beggining)

(Commissionary is the place where Valerie Bree works at)

It was another day, and this time the Commissionary sent me a USB on what I ought to do. They gave me all the most hazardous and troublesome undertakings as I am the best agent in the field. This includes assassinating influential individuals to fix the past, present and future. This mission is the same.

However, this time I was given an errand by the chief to save the President of the United States, Scott Long from getting assassinated. To do this, I need to go back in time.

Despite what those movies show, going back in time was no simple accomplishment. It requires the centre, heaps of training, and impeccable planning. Any little misstep could change the space-time continuum. With this in my mind, I need to ensure that I don't commit any errors while time travelling. After all, one wrong move can mess everything up, and I can't risk that.

I went to the TARDIS, which is a time machine disguised as a payphone and hurled a weighty murmur figuring "They don't pay me enough to do this." Since Abraham Lincoln was killed on April 15th, 1865, I was sent back to the first of January 1865, so I can change under the environmental factors and discover who needed to kill Abraham Lincoln and assassinate them.

BZZZZ! BZZZZZ! Sounds came out from the TARDIS as I was transported into the year 1865. I contemplated internally and thought "I hope I don't get killed this time." But it didn't generally make a difference to me if I got killed as I had no family or sweetheart or even an individual to rely upon as I invested the majority of my life carrying out the responsibilities and it was better thusly.

"BOARDING TRAIN NUMBER 5" was the first thing I heard when I was transported, and from the looks of it, it appeared as though I had been moved into a train station situated in New York City. I bought a train ticket to Washington as Abraham Lincoln was murdered in Washington and concluded that Washington was the best place for me to go.

Little did I know, this was the start of something sinister.