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I have dropped this novel due to my family situation and health issues. I apologize to all people who have been invested and investing in this novel. I would love to continue writing this novel and TFITP, but I just don't have the energy and inspiration to continue anymore. I am really sorry to all my readers and supporters.


This is the author here, wanting to thank all readers who decided to add this novel into their collections and even read it. I will say truthfully that I did not edit the chapters after writing them, so there may be errors. If you guys find any, please leave a comment. I will fix them if I see that it fits. For this novel, I plan to publish 7 chapters per week. If we meet goals, I will upload 5 chapters for TGIF. As for the story development, I am unsure on how to comment myself for this since I even struggled to create a synopsis. Aside from that, I think this is the best fit for you the readers to decide on how the development is. I must admit that I will brag about my character design. I worked hard on the protagonist so that she would have a depth that I liked. I know that some people are not fans of protagonists born in a sad or bad family, but I really like using this scenario. In TFITP, my FL was abused by her grandfather, and in this novel, my FL was abused in some form and way by people related to her by blood. The world background...let's just say I'm not confident about it, so forgive me. I...have tried... T_T


Just giving my support for now, I have no real criticism or anything after all we are only 5 chapters deep, the story seems solid, and neither do I have much experience with these types of stories . . . . . GOD DAMMIT I AM NOT SIMPING I SWEAR anyway good luck author[img=recommend]


Hey you! Yeah you! You should read this! You’ll be allot cooler if you did.. trust me! Do I look like someone who would try to trIck you?! Maybe.. but that’s besides the point! All you need to know is that you should read this! Do it for this bunny! Do it for all bunnies! 🐰🐇


................................................ Hewlo Hewlo! Hai Hai! It's me E. Writer! And I really want to say that this story is really good! I love this author not that I am simping. But she's my favorite of all. The way how she writes her story is unique which catches the attention of the readers and her works are well poured with feelings. And if you are a reader then yes you won't regret reading this. Thank you Author-Sama for your Hard Work! Hoping for more in the Future! And also have a nice day to you readers.



Innno big perv, already attracting simps to this novel *points at Heiko41* Otherwise its a pretty good novel, bits of romance, the caps lock on the cooking is pretty awful looking though (Chp 5 or was it 6)


.................................................. okay this is really a great novel though it's only few chapters . and also I really love the author's Work and purpose in this novel . so far so good . and I'm rooting for you my dear lovely Author. and also good luck with your works. and thanks for your Hard work. [img=coins][img=coins]