1 Data Entry

Name: Peng Mingzhu

Birthday: 17 November 1998

Age: 24 years old

Height: 182 centimeters

Weight: 61 kilograms

Bust Size: 70D

Waist Size: 60 centimeters

Hip Size: 70 centimeters

Position: Chairwoman of Peng Corporation

Current Date: 3 April 2021

Project: Time Travel

Abbreviation: PTT

Project Start Date: 1 January 2018

Project End Date: N/A

Data Entry:

According to expectations, we have gotten the portal to start on phase 1 of the project. After 3 years of research, material investment, and financial usage, the portal can finally start up. It is unknown whether the portal can travel to the past, or even to the future for the matter. However, no matter the results, as long as we can get it to work, we can say that we have made a step toward the future.

Currently, this will be the final data entry for the project. Once it has been known that this portal works as anticipated, the project would change name to SP21, standing for "Secret Project 2021." A new data sheet will be created for all future ventures related to this project. However, as stated before, we are still unclear as to the results of the portal. As of now, the most important matter would be to evaluate the safety of all people who will be volunteering to enter the portal.

Right now, the only person privy to entering the portal is me, the data writer, Peng Mingzhu, and Chairwoman of Peng Corporation.

On the date of 4 April 2021, I will be entering the portal. If anything happens to me during the entry, my secretary, Qi Qiang, will be responsible for the company in my stead. Up to this date, our only form of safety is a set of lenses, ear devices, and hand sensories that can be installed onto a person with surgery.

On the date of 1 January 2020, I received the surgery for installment after determining that the lenses, ear devices, and hand sensories were working in correspondence with the portal.

After the creation of the three devices, we were able to create a bracelet tattoo that allowed a function to travel back and forth between our world and the determined world. It also has another function as a storage room. More information about the bracelet tattoo will be explained further on in the document. We are still unknown on whether the bracelet will work like I wanted, however, I have researched and personally estimated that the bracelet will work about 95% to our goal.

NOTICE: This data entry is not only for informing scientists working on Project TT, but also for the internals of the company, Peng Corporations.

IMPORTANT: If there is no contact with me after entry into the portal, wait for 5 years. After waiting for 5 years, if there are no results of me appearing anywhere on earth, in the universe, or this world, immediately shred all documents related to Project TT and destroy all evidence related to the project. In two words, "ABORT PROJECT."

Information on Safety Devices:

The battery for all three technologies is found from a far distance from Earth and the material used to make it is only found in one asteroid. The life expectancy of the battery is 1000 years with low use, 500 years with normal use, and 250 years with high usage, more than enough for the current human lifespan.

Though they are unseen by the naked eye and thinner than a butterfly's wings, the material used to make all three technologies have outstanding resilience that is undoubtedly strong and will not be destroyed due to natural disasters or any matter of existence.

The hand sensories are installed to be the keyboard and way of interaction with the lenses.

The lenses function as a way to view information on anything the user needs and is also a form of communication to our world/time. If needed, we should be able to send each other pictures and messages just like the current era phones. In fact, the lenses would be the "screens of phones."

The ear device is another way of communication and is also connected to the lenses. If pictures and messages are not enough, this device allows us to talk with each other. As for the connection with the lenses, this device allows us to record any sounds nearby and also allows us to listen to all previous recordings.

Lastly, the bracelet tattoo, the most important device created for Project TT. According to its name, the bracelet looks just like a tattoo. However, the bracelet will allow us to travel back and forth, though due to limitations, there is a cooldown. The cooldown is 3 months. After thorough testing, we found that the bracelet would shine gold when traveling is possible and become black when traveling is not possible. The bracelet is also the receiver that allows us to communicate with each other and the three devices to interact with each other.

Finally, the bracelet has another important function; that is a storage container: made of special material to keep all expirable items non-expirable and top quality. We can insert items into the container and take out using our lenses and hand sensories.

Preparation for the Mission:

In preparation for the mission, I have stocked up in the bracelet storage medicines and surgery equipment that may be needed should I get harmed. I have also added in vitamins in the case that I am unable to eat due to business and stress, like always.

Of course, I also cooked a few meals-ready-to-eat, MREs, and put them inside the bracelet storage. I have also taken the initiative to grab some fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and a few seeds. Listed below are the seeds I have taken.

Fruits: apple, grape, lemon, plantain, cherry, pear, strawberry, tomato, blackberry, dragonfruit, pomegranate

Vegetables: basil, carrot, mushroom, parsley, sage, spinach, onion, potato

Flowers: bluebell, chrysanthemum, daisy, snapdragon, lily, rose, tulip, bird of paradise, bonsai buds, orchid

Since I do not know where the portal will take me, I have prepared both clothes for the modern era and clothes for the ancient era, including jewelries and shoes. All clothes have been created by the science teams and made with flexible and durable material that can protect the human body at the same time. According to research, they should be strong enough to protect me from an atomic bomb.

In the case that the devices manage to get destroyed someway or somehow, I have brought replacement materials and the machines that will allow me to create the devices. Naturally, if the bracelet is the one that gets destroyed, I will be unable to use all.

Opinions on Current Data Entry:

Hopefully, to all that are reading this, you guys will take this as my speech before departure. After working hard day and night for three years, we have finally reached a breakthrough. I am incredibly proud and happy for all participants that have worked with me on this project. As I have stated previously, there are many dangers for this project. However, you have all been hardworking and persistent despite knowing that everything pertaining to this project is risky.

Death is everywhere. On the space missions, we explored territories that other humans have not explored. When creating the portal, many explosions happened. We faced high radiation while creating the devices and even the research on the technique to insert the devices into the human bodies could cause death.

Should this departure of mine make a positive discovery, you guys will have made an achievement that no other human would ever get the opportunity to chance upon. Should this departure of mine be a failure though, you guys should still be proud of yourself. You all were able to discover and create things that are out of reach for the current time.

While the rest of the world is still trying to expand 5G LTE for phone services, you guys have already been able to create a communication system that travels even faster than the speed of light and sound. Although I know that I managed to get such a team of experts by bribes and other dark methods, I am not ashamed of myself.

Now, a personal letter to Xiao Qiqiang:

I know we have debated multiple times on the issue of who should be the first person to enter the portal. I wanted to be the first person, but you worried for my safety. You wanted someone else to volunteer to be first and even hosted a survey on who would be willing to enter. I know that many of our scientists volunteered, however, I vetoed your results.

Please understand, this project has been a dream and wish of mine. As a childhood friend, you should know my wish better than anyone else, right?

So, you do not have to fret about and worry too much for me. I know fully the dangers of entering the portal. I know fully the dangers of entering into a different world, a different time, and a different universe.

The only thing I do not know is where I will go. However, in the way of life, if you do not take risks, you will go nowhere. This project is a risk I am more than willing to take. Xiao Qiqiang, thank you for your support throughout all the years. I will make sure to communicate to the Communications Center (CC) as soon as I land safely. Even if I do not, do not worry. Have I not always been a survivor?

I will not die so easily. Even if I disappear, I will never die.

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