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Traveling To The Past


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***DROPPED***______________________________________________ Peng Mingzhu came from the future to the past in order to learn more about her favorite subject in the world: the history of ancient China. Wei Kangnuan was the man that fell in love with her at the first talk, but could not understand why Wu Kennai was unwilling to marry him even when they were close, friendly, and in a good relationship. One person held so many dark secrets that they could not forget about the past and another person held so many emotions that they could only imagine the future. Would the love of the two people blossom like the flowers in spring? Or be frozen in the winter? ________________________________________________________________ Backing Peng Mingzhu up against the wall, Wei Kangnuan placed his arms on both sides to block her from running. He knew that with her tall height, she would have a hard time trying to duck in order to get away from him. "Y-you...w-what are you planning on doing?" she asked with an incredibly nervous voice. Moving his face closer to her face, he shifted his lips to her forehead. *Chu* He gave her a kiss on the forehead. Shocked at the kiss, her eyes instinctively opened wide and her jaw dropped as she stared at his face - feeling as though the forehead kiss was just an illusion. Ignoring her surprise though, he moved his lips down towards her lips, and just a second before placing them together, he asked back with a smug grin, "What do you think?" The moment that his lips landed on her own, her eyes opened even wider while her thoughts ran rampant, 'WHAT THE HELL! MY FIRST KISS!! HOW COULD HE STEAL MY FIRST KISS!?!?!?' However, as though he did not notice her eyes that grew red in anger, he placed his right hand behind her neck and impassioned their kiss further. By the time she could even protest and show her anger at getting her first kiss stolen, her body was already limp and weakened from the breathless kiss. "Zhu'er, I really love you..." Wei Kangnuan stated with a deep long sigh before giving her another deep kiss, still forcing her up against the wall. ________________________________________________________________ Link to my Discord server: https://discord.gg/KsKDDcVwka *Art does not belong to me. All copyrights go to the original owner. **If original owner would like me to not use their art, please message me in Discord. My username is: Supremely Innocent#5820


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