12 Nekomata

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(in Nekomata Village)

(3rd POV)

Seeing their situation from the sky, Nayla decided to go down with A2.

when she suddenly arrives, Nayla startled Nekomata people. Seeing the unknown person coming from the sky, the Nekomata people readied their weapons and prepared themselves to use Youjutsu to fight.

Seeing their wary expressions, Nayla then calmly walked out as she had already deactivated Lindworm to not scare them.

Nayla: "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt or fight. On the contrary, I want to help you guys get out of this hell hole" said Nayla while walking slowly with A2 behind her.

Hearing what Nayla said, a woman who looked like their leader came out

???: "Then tell us who you are and why should we trust you?"

Nayla: "Ahh sorry for the delay in my introduction, my name is Nayla the leader of a certain faction, and Yasaka's friend"

Nayla: "and this, Yasaka told me to give you this, please read it" said Nayla while taking out a letter, and then Nayla threw it to the woman because Nayla knew that the Nekomata people were still wary of her.

When the woman caught the letter, she then opened it and began to read its contents.

after a few minutes, the woman calmed herself with a sigh of relief, she then looked back at her people.

???: "Don't worry everyone, she really is with Yasaka the leader of the Yokai faction"

Hearing that, Nekomata people then loosened their guard because Nayla wasn't someone with the devil race

???: "Right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Fujimai, I am the current leader of Nekomata Village. And we are very grateful for your help to get us out of this hellhole" Said her while bowing to show her gratitude

hearing her name, something clicked on Nayla's mind. She then looks carefully at Fujimai, She has Shoulder-length silver hair with golden eyes, and her face resembles Koneko...

Now Nayla is sure, that this woman is the mother of Shirone and Kuroka.

And if she is still here that means, Neberius family still has yet to capture Shirone and Kuroka...which is a good thing for her.

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Nayla: "You're welcome, and as you read from the letter. I also will help you to rescue Nekomata who got captured. so can you please help me gather the list and the picture for people who got abducted by devils?"

Fujimai: "Thank you, Thank you so much, please wait a second I will get the list" said Fujimai as she was happy that Nayla will rescue her people

Nayla: "oh and before that, can you gather all Nekomata in this village? tell them that I will take them from here to Yasaka places by teleport, so please tell them to prepare their stuff and belongings. and By the meantime, I will help you with the devils outside because I can see they're getting near to the village"

Fujimai: "Of course, I will do that, and do you need help with devils that are about to arrive here?" said her in a worried tone

Nayla: "Nah it's fine I got this, I got everything ready so you don't need to worry."

Fujimai: "I see...But please be careful"

Hearing her, Nayla just waved her hand as she walk out from the village with A2 who once again activated her stealth.

(Scene Changes - Outside Nekomata Village)

As Nayla arrived outside the village, Nayla can see many devils...maybe around 50 - 60?

Nayla also can feel that there are 5 ultimate-class, 12 high-class, and the rest of them are low to middle-class devils.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Nayla then takes out drones with a camera function so she can record everything she is about to do.

after taking 3 drones, Nayla then takes out 5 Giant speakers from her inventory as well as a wireless mic that is already connected to the 5 speakers.

If someone saw her right now, they would think that Nayla want to start a concert but no, the reason Nayla take out these things is far...more fun than a concert.

After everything was ready, Nayla then took out a book from her inventory and a podium to put the book down so she could read it comfortably.

Now the preparation is ready.

Finally, after waiting for about 10 minutes those stinky devils finally arrived,

Meanwhile, the devils who arrived at the gate saw.... two female humans? with 5 giant speakers between them as a woman with blonde hair standing behind the podium.

Seeing this, the devil leader felt strange but snorted because he could feel the two of them were weak humans...

Unfortunately, for this devil, He couldn't notice the trace of divinity from Nayla, Nayla current combat strength is basically overpowered in the underworld that making her as if becoming one to the underworld. not to mention that Nayla have yet to use her territory creation in the underworld, if she do so, she can even command everything in her field of territory to do her bidding.

R.D.L (Random Devil Leader): "Speak! who are you!" said the leader with an arrogant face like a young master from a cultivation novel

Seeing this, Nayla couldn't help but smile as she tried her best not to start what she was about to do soon.

R.D 1 (Random Devil): "tch, lowly humans dare to come here to the underworld"

R.D 2: "Hey boss, why don't we catch both of them. it's rare to see humans in the underworld

R.D 3: "Yeah boss, we might get something unexpected out of it"

R.D.L 2: "Now that you say it, let's catch them first after we're done with those two, we can sell them as slaves or whatever"

Hearing what the devil and the random devil leader said, Nayla was annoyed. she didn't bother to wait any longer as she then opened the book she had placed on the podium.

Nayla: "Tch... I thought there will be at least one decent devil among them. I guess I just hope for the impossible" Nayla said with a shrug.

Hearing what Nayla said, Those devils were confused. they then saw Nayla's next action.

Nayla took out the mic and turned it on, once it was turned on. Nayla then began to read what was written in the book.

As soon as they heard what Nayla read, those stinky started to kneel down while their hands covered their ears as if they were trying their best not to hear what Nayla was reading.

Unfortunately, it's impossible because Nayla prepared 5 giant speakers created by biotech technology, so no matter what they do, they still hear it.

You may be wondering what Nayla reciting or reads...

The answer is actually simple, what Nayla reciting or reads is a Holy Bible...

Why? Because in this world devil will have a headache when they hear the word "god".

(A/N the word "God" here refers to a biblical god)

And that's just one word.....

Now imagine what will happen if Nayla reads the contents of the holy scripture or the Bible in full?

well, it might sound stupid, but from her previous life, Nayla knows that there are 3 essential things that are needed to do exorcist. those are Holy Object, Holy water, and lastly Holy scripture.

But this world is weird, Why in the world that the exorcist in this world didn't use any of those advantages? and instead of those, they were using another meaning...like desperately creating holy swords? Are they stupid, Why not keep creating Holy guns and Bullets? Devils are a being that is able to wield Mana freely, do they think Devil will go close combat battle when they can just bombard you with magic from afar?.

isn't it better to use your opponent's weakness during combat? these exorcists even have a large amount of holy water in the Vatican but they choose to not use it.

or What? Do you think using someone's weakness is not honorable? Don't act as if there were some nobility in a fight. Such illusions, perpetrated by every being throughout history, but it have led countless people to their bloody deaths, all for the sake of this valor and glory. it simply stupid!

Modern-day saints carry assault rifles and spread the word of God with their bullets.

...at the end of the day, Nayla can only think that almost all exorcists in this world are retarded

After 10 minutes of Nayla reciting the Holy bible, she then saw the devils sprawling on the ground.....

out of 60 devils that come to Nekomata village, only 5 still conscious. which they're the leader and ultimate class devil. while the other drop-dead or unconscious while holding both their bleeding ears with their hands....and let's not forget how funny their current face is...as they full snot and tears with a face full of grief and their tongue roll out from their mouth.

Nayla then took a small notepad from her pocket and write

Nayla: "Only Ultimate-class devil that able to resist holy scripture...and done...now what to do? hmmm right I need to know who send them"

Nayla then summons 5 golden portals beneath their feet and then she commands Enkidu to come out and chain the still conscious devils as she doesn't bother with the rest of them.


Looking at the tied devil, Nayla walks toward them.

Nayla: '...This devil, Did they think I'm stupid? Laying on the ground as if you guys lost consciousness...how can you guys be so shameless? you come like a group of bandits but end up like bandit victims'

Nayla: "Honestly, do I have to interrogate them? I mean I don't want to waste my time here with them....Should I just kill them right away so they can join with their comrades?" said Nayla as she was thinking out loud, but the truth, she just wants to bait them

Hearing what Nayla saying, the devils and the leader opened their eyes right away and start acting as if they just woke up from Nayla "concert"

R.D.L: "Girl, who are you? for what reason do you do this? don't you know this is near Neberius family territory? have you thought about the consequences of attacking devil in Neberius family territory?"

Nayla: "Ara~ Did I just hear a threat? what should I do with you I wonder?"

Nayla: "fu fu fu...and one thing you guys should know, you're not the one who asking the question here, but me. while you guys answer it, understand?"

D.L 1: "Tch...what right do you have to order us, Devil. in underworld huh?"

Nayla: "Oh my... you guys still don't know your places after all this? should I teach you where your place is?"

Nayla then summoned a mini black birdcage in her palm, but to the devil in front of Nayla, this cage is something dangerous, he can feel it...it as if death was waving at him

but before the devil Leader able to say something, Nayla waved her other hand and the devil as if feeling something pulling his soul. He tried to resist, but alas it's useless...

a red glow ball come out from the devil leader's body as the devil leader's body dropped to the ground...

Nayla then waves her hand and the red ball comes to her hand, this red ball is the soul of the devil leader.

after holding the red ball, Nayla then put the red ball inside the birdcage.

this whole process didn't take 5 seconds and the rest of 4 ultimate class devil watched this process...

they are terrified to the core! they don't know what happen, and only less than 5 seconds before their leader died?

Nayla: "Don't worry as long as you answer my question, I will let you go, understood?"

which The devils only nodded

Nayla:" Now then first question, who send you guys here?"

R.D 1: "We're part of devils mercenary and we got a job offered by Neberius family"

Nayla: 'Hee...I'm not even surprised hearing his answer as already expected this' said Nayla in her mind

Nayla: "Next, the purpose of your "job" "

R.D 1: "We've been tasked to capture the children of Nekomata leader"

Nayla: 'Fiuhh....glad I come on time, by the looks of it they come to capture Shirone and Kuroka'

Nayla: "I see... well, I'm done here. you guys can go"

Hearing Nayla, the devils felt happy since Nayla will let them go

R.D 2: "That's all? Really? you're not going to kill us?"

Nayla: "Just go before I change my mind"

Nayla: 'Besides...you guys are part of the show. If I cut too many Neberius forces...the show will be a short show and I don't want that as it part of my entertainment' Said Nayla in her mind as she smile sweetly looking at the leaving devils as they pick up their comrade's body.

Nayla: "Eheheh how cute...I can't wait to see you guys again"

She then put her "concert" equipment back in her inventory

as she done, she walk back to Nekomata village to get the list of kidnapped victims




(Scene changes - Inside Village)

Seeing Nekomata already prepared their stuff as they already gathering in a circle

Noticing Nayla's arrival, Fujimai then come to meet Nayla...but Nayla stare landed on 2 small Nekomata...or Nekoshou behind Fujimai

Nayla: 'Huaa...is that Shirone and Kuroka?OMG, they're so cute like a kitten...ughh I want to cuddle them so bad!!!'

Noticing my stare at her daughters, Fujimai decide to introduce both of them

Fujimai:" It's nice to see you safe Nayla, and as you can see we already prepared ourself and we are ready to leave anytime"

Fujimai: "Also, please meet my daughters, Shirone and Kuroka."

Kuroka: "Nice to meet you nya~ I'am Kuroka and the one behind me Shirone nya~"

Shirone: "um" Shirone just nodded since she felt shy when meeting stranger as she hid behind Kuroka

Seeing this, Nayla let out small chuckles as she get on her knee to match their eye level.

Nayla: "Nice to meet you both of you, My name's Nayla" I said while patting Kuroka since Shirone still hiding behind Kuroka

Well, Kuroka be Kuroka as she purring from my patting. as the saying goes, nothing can beat the power of headpat!

Nayla then get up and look at Fujimai

Nayla: "By the way, have you prepared the list?"

Fujima: "Yes" as she then hands over a bunch of papers to Nayla

Receiving the papers, Nayla just put them in her inventory

Nayla: "Well, then Since you guys are ready, I will teleport you guys right away"

Nayla: "Oh and for the people who got kidnapped. once I rescue them, I will teleport them to Yasaka place right away so you don't need to worry"

Fujimai: "I see...Thank you so much for your help" as she bow her head when she said it to show her gratitude which makes Kuroka and Shirone also follow along with her mother's actions.

seeing this, Nayla just patted Shirone and Kuroka as they are both really adorable right now.

Nayla: "Well then I will teleport you guys now"

Hearing Nayla. Fujimai, Kuroka, Shirone, and Nekomata people start to gather closer to make Nayla easier to teleport them

Nayla :"Please tell Yasaka and Kunou I said Hi"

After saying that Nayla teleports Nekomata people to the place that Yasaka prepared.

Nayla: "Well then A2 Please take these papers and help me to rescue Nekomata, you can use all your gadgets so you can finish it as soon as possible" Nayla said while taking out a bunch of papers to hand it over to A2

Hearing my command, A2 then took the papers.

A2: "Yes master" said A2 as she then vanish to start her rescue mission

How about Nayla? well...She is preparing gifts for the Neberius family since they take care of Nekomata people really "well".

(End of Chapter)

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