73 Chapter 73 - Meeting back with Shanks

When Misha heard Soren's words she felt a weird feeling that she had never felt before but felt it was a good feeling, and as she was pondering over this feeling she got down on the ground and gave him a kiss on his forehead and whispered.

[Misha want to know more about these feelings she is having… But Misha will wait until you wake up to ask though]: misha

As Misha got up to look around where they were she got a big flash of power hitting her head and soon passed out next to Soren. At this moment Memories were flashing through her head about Her past and about Soren's life, she saw mostly images of his life in Hunter x Hunter and about all the wicked things he did as a child in a family of Assassins. Then the memories jumped to Bleach as she saw everything Soren went through with Ichigo and the others, only for her to see their meeting. After those images passed by Misha was then greeted by a God, then the God started to speak.

[Greeting Child… I am known as a God to most but am truly just one of many… I guess you have questions as to why am I here… Well let's start with the basics… I was the God that gave Soren his power, I have also been watching his journey through each world and so far have loved every moment of it]: god

[Why have you been watching Soren for so long? Is he that important?]: misha

[Hmmm… Yes… Soren is the whole reason we watch him and how his personality grows]: god

[What do you mean by "We"? Is there others?]: misha

[...There are many Gods who watch over Soren as he journeys through each world, but as I stand above these other Gods they can only request to have changes… Such as an incident about a month or so ago when you and Soren were inside of the void, the other God's didn't like how Soren went about his actions and requested a change so I reversed time and rewrote Soren's memory]: god

[And why are you telling Misha this?]: misha

[Well to be quite frank I will be removing this conversation from your memory, I only wanted to offer you something for making Soren realize his feelings about you as the God's wanted to see a love story… They wanted it so bad that they destroyed my house with lightning]: god

[So Mister Soren is just a pawn in your game?]: misha

[No, quite the opposite actually… I want Soren to gain as much power as possible to surpass me and fight…. Never mind that… My offer on the other hand is to give you proper memories… You were never meant to be in Soren's story as one of the Gods created you and sent you in, and that won't happen again unless I permit it… So, will you take the offer?]: god

[What will happen to Misha if she takes this offer?]: misha

[Well you will be able to act properly on your feelings towards Soren, and will know your background a bit… I will most likely implant the memory that you are a God's daughter… Technique you are her daughter but you were created from nothingness]: god

[Hmm… I will take your offer, Misha want to spend her life with Soren]: misha

[Hohoho… Good! Now I will send you back, Soren should be waking up shortly… Good luck my new daughter in law]: god

[Wait… What does that mean?]: misha

Misha never got the chance to hear an explanation as she was hit with a bright flash of light and she woke up next to Soren, she got up from the ground and spoke.

[My name… I am Misha, I was born between a Goddess and a mortal, then sent down to the Dark worlds to fight for strength… I love Soren… Yes, Soren… Soren… Wait, Soren!]: misha

Misha rushed back to Soren's side and stood there as a groan of pain shot up from a man lying down.

[Uuuwwwaa… What happen… Wait, Misha!]: soren

[Misha's here my love]: misha

Soren who heard the voice recognized it and quickly turned to face the voice, and as Soren saw who it was he surprised to see the once thought dead Misha standing with tears in her eyes.

[Misha! Your alive! But how?]: soren

[Misha doesn't know, Misha thought she died but a second later she woke up and saw you passed out right there]: misha

Soren couldn't care less as he got up and went to hug Misha, and after a bit of hugging she broke it off and asked.

[Was that true? Do you truly love me?]: soren

Misha had not hesitation and spoke.

[Yes! Misha fell in love with you from the moment Misha met you, and then you go all out to save Misha from dying, why wouldn't Misha love you?]: misha

Soren felt his heart warm when he heard Misha's words and couldn't care less that he was late to meet back at Shanks ship and went back to hugging Misha for a little longer as if to not lose her ever again.

[Won't you be late if we stay here any longer husband?]: misha

[Husband? Also Shanks can wait, if he truly would leave me he would have, I can also still feel him on the island when I send my Observation Haki out]: soren

Soren grabbed Misha and started to walk out of the ally and back towards the ship still wanting to slightly hold up to the agreement he made with Shanks, he also felt a bit bitter in his heart that he couldn't get the materials he wanted to help him train but came up with the excuse "Next Time" and continued back to Shanks ship.

After a 10 minute walk Soren and Misha made it back to the ship only to see Shanks and the crew with open mouths looking at Soren.

[What's up guys? Why are you staring at me like that?]: soren

Shanks was the first to speak up with a bit of worry in his voice.

[Didn't you feel that power from earlier?]: shanks

Before Soren could speak up Misha spoke.

[Yes, that's Husbands power earlier… Isn't Husband strong?]: misha

Shanks jaw then dropped to the floor at the words of this woman to the side of Soren who claimed that the power came from Soren and that he is her Husband.

[Ain't you a bit quick to get a wife, you must have only met her a few hours ago, and was she correct when she said that the power came from you?]: shanks

Soren kinda felt like he was in an awkward situation and thought about it for a bit only to give in and confess since this was his fellow crew members anyhow.

[Yeah, that was my power… I ran into some trouble makers trying to flirt with Misha here and released all my power by accident to scare them away… Oops, sorry]: soren

Soren gave this answer while putting one hand behind his head while winking with one eye and sticking his tongue out like a typical Anime Character. Shanks was stunned to see how strong Soren really was and asked.

[So is your wife going to travel with us then?]: shanks

Soren thought for a moment before he spoke.

[Yeah, I would like that but if it's a no go I can always leave the crew and get my own boat hehe]: soren

Soren said the last part as a joke and Shanks quickly said.

[She can come!... I will also give you two your own room]: shanks


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