Traveling between worlds,I'm Link

Har Davius ​​and his family were killed by a pack of never-before-seen fantasy creatures, goblins. He wakes up in Link's body inside the Resurrection Shrine, further discovering that he can use all of the items from the video game (Breath of the Wild). He shouldn't be the only one reincarnated, right? So he keeps hoping to find his family. He receives an unknown rune that allows him to travel to other worlds, so he must become stronger and search for his loved ones. Using the rune for the first time, Har travels to a world he knows, where hunters and monsters are in constant battle in this place. "Isn't this the world of Solo Leveling?" What really happened, what actions will Har take, and more importantly, how long will it take before I get sued by the big N? -It doesn't matter if you don't know the elements of BotW, it's quite simple to understand everything.- This is a translation of my Fanfiction in Spanish: Soy Link

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The terrifying power of magical scepters

-Chapter 35:The terrifying power of magical scepters

"What do you mean?"

Virion asked thinking that he had heard wrong, it is impossible to believe that one can use magic without even having awakened a mana core, for someone like him, who has walked the paths of magic throughout his long life, it is something that is outside the realm. common sense of the world that Virion has learned so far.

Before a mana core is awakened you are nothing more than an ordinary person, only some lucky descendants of magicians can awaken upon reaching a certain age, only then can they begin to perceive the mana from the environment and use it to cleanse the impurities in their core and become stronger.

Regarding using magic, that is already difficult enough for the newly awakened, as for ordinary people, they cannot even perceive mana, so it is considered impossible and no one has ever been seen to achieve it since the beginning of time. .

But as he thought of ancient times, Virion's eyes shone and he was lost in thought for a second.

'Is it really possible?'

Something in Virion's memories made him doubt the legitimacy of Har's words, because in fact, there are artifacts capable of turning an ordinary person into a magician, and a very powerful one at that.

At the beginning of time, the "Dicathen" continent was engulfed in chaos, everything was full of powerful beasts that faced the three races, yet the difference in strength was too overwhelming, elves, humans and dwarves were slaughtered like ants. Under the incessant attacks of the beasts, they lived under the despair of dying at any moment, then, they received help from "them."

"They" gave each race the opportunity to elect two representatives, then "They" gave them the artifacts that awakened extraordinary power in the chosen ones, giving them the opportunity to use magic and becoming the first magicians in history.

This new power quickly spread among the other members of the races, with this new strength, the three races united to exterminate the beasts, but under the enormous almost infinite number they could only drive them back and exile them to the east of the continent.

After this, the races separated and took different paths, giving rise to what is known today as the three kingdoms, the kingdom of the elves is to the north and they occupy a part of the forest in which the beasts were exiled, the kingdom The human kingdom is to the west in relatively peaceful lands, and finally, the dwarf kingdom is located in the south and usually lives in caves.

To this day, the leaders of each race continue to choose two chosen ones to carry the artifacts, even though they have already evolved to the point of not needing them to awaken the power of magic, the artifacts endow their bearer with a terrifying power, and in fact, the mages currently wielding the artifacts are the most powerful in all of Dicathen.

Regarding "Them", who gave these artifacts voluntarily to simple common people, they are the existence behind the scenes that is responsible for maintaining the balance of the world, they are deities.

Then, after remembering these artifacts, Virion opened his eyes staring at Har and waiting for his next actions.

These things are under the power of the royal family of each race, so, as someone who was the king of the elves, naturally, Virion has witnessed the power of the artifacts, so he is very curious right now.

Maybe, is this the way Link is able to cast magic attacks without a trace of mana? The reason why he can't sense even a hint of magic power in Link, is because he didn't have a mana core since the beginning?

The more he thought about it, the more he realized that Link was the perfect example of his own words, can you really cast magic without a mana core?

On the other hand, Arthur had many doubts about Link's words. Although he is a person who has proven to have incredible methods, he still cannot completely believe him. After all, Arthur also tried to use magic when he was an ordinary person.

As a reincarnated man, Arthur has memories of his past life; he also remembers the training methods he learned on the way to becoming king.

Although magic did not exist in his world, warriors fought with an energy called Ki, although it is weak compared to magic, but the bases of both energies remain the same, in fact, Arthur can use techniques from his home world replacing Ki with mana, so they are very similar.

When he found out about the existence of magic in this world, he was excited and tried to use this unknown power, but it was impossible no matter how hard he tried, from what he learned at home, it seemed that he could only use magic after awakening a core. of mana, so he used his knowledge to get ahead of himself to obtain what would reach his hands a decade later.

That's right, faced with the chains imposed by the world on ordinary people to not be able to use mana, Arthur was like an unprecedented monster, he rushed to break these chains by force to follow the rules of the world, his reasoning would petrify even the best magicians in history, if you don't have a mana core, you simply have to force the awakening of one inside you.

This is how he managed to wake up while he was just a baby, although he blew his house into a thousand pieces and almost killed his parents with a heart attack in the attempt, it seems that he has the merit of being the youngest awakened person on the entire continent.

Because of all this experience, Arthur can't believe that there is a way to use magic without a core, but, if he managed to develop a training method to awaken his core when he was just a baby, maybe... this Link has a method to use magic even without a core?

Unlike Virion, who knows about artifacts capable of forcing an awakening in ordinary people, Arthur could only think of something like breathing methods to influence ambient mana, they don't know that they are both wrong.

Naturally, Har knows about the rule of the world from reading history, there shouldn't be a way to use mana without a core, but he has an idea, why should he follow the rule of this world with narrow-minded people?

Then, Link's next words surprised them and almost made Virion go crazy.

"I have an item here, as long as an ordinary person holds it, he will immediately become a wizard."

Har said this with an idea in mind, he had not yet thought about this before since the situation that warranted it never presented itself, but he thought about it a moment ago, if something like armors can be given to others in the real world, Doesn't it mean that granting weapons is also possible? If that's the case, it has some things that completely subvert the rules of the world.

"Oh really?!"

As soon as he heard Link's incredible words, Rayah became excited like a little child, does such a magical item exist? If he can become a magician using this, then he will give a big surprise to his sister.

Little Rayah does not have the mentality of Virion or Arthur, he is completely unaware of the common sense of this world, he is not aware of the great impact that Har's words have on someone with experience, such as Virion.

At this moment, the unlit pipe in his hand is shaking, Virion is very excited, before he had remembered the artifacts that were given by the deities, but he did not think for a second that Har would have something like this, not only because they are in the hands of the kings of the three kingdoms, but because the bases are different.

Artifacts bestowed by deities can awaken ordinary people, but Har stated before that magic can be used without mana core, so it is obvious that these are not the same items at this time, so what's the point? object is Link talking about? Virion was very curious.

Is this item the one that allows Link to use spells without mana? If true, then it must be something very powerful. Virion couldn't help but fix his gaze on Link and look at him from head to toe trying to find the item.

Regarding Arthur, he was similar to Rayah at this time, but he forced himself to stay calm on the outside, unlike Virion, his knowledge about this world is very limited, but when it comes to Link, he knows that he can show something incredible in any moment.

Like Virion, he wondered if it is this item that allows Link to be a magician despite not being able to feel a trace of magical power in his body or in his attacks, then, the two looked at Link's body looking for this miraculous object.

'Wait, could that be?'

Arthur's gaze stopped at Link's waist, there he carries with him a strange object that he combines with his armor, the Sheikah board.

He has seen him use this thing several times while using spells, whether to cast chains that bind the opponent or to fly through the skies with a shield, so he subconsciously thought that it was this item, and he is right to a certain extent, but Har does not talk about the Sheikah chart at this time.

Before the expectant eyes of everyone, Link crouched on one knee in front of Rayah and extended a hand to her, this left the child in question confused, because Link's hand was completely empty, but the latter had his gaze focused on nothing, It's just that no one can see what Har has in front of his eyes.

At this moment, a bunch of weapons passed in front of him within a virtual rectangle, swords, maces, Kolog blades, greatswords, even a wooden spoon could be seen for some reason.

Har looked at all these weapons and didn't pay attention to them, he seemed to be looking for something specific, and then, he found it.

"Here it is!"

Har said out loud unconsciously, his expression went from concentration to a slight smile, his eyes shining with hidden intentions and expectation, it may sound strange, but even he was eager to see what he was about to show to the world, because no He was sure if his idea would succeed.

Hearing him so excited, the three in front of him were confused, because Har's hand remained empty no matter how much they focused their eyes, they thought it was something very small, but not a speck of dust could be seen.

But then, something appeared in Har's hand out of nowhere, a magical looking object that lets out a cold wind, it is similar to a wand, only its appearance is truly magnificent.

It is composed of three frost patterns sculpted in ice, each frost pattern has a rupee sculpted in its center which gives them an even more beautiful appearance, the three are connected in a straight line and are attached to a very shiny silver hilt.

Needless to say, this is an ice scepter, or specifically speaking, a second-level ice scepter, the difference between the two is so great that the name of this scepter is incomparable with that of a small piece of first-level ice. It is known as a glacial scepter, with just one common shot, it can freeze every inch of all enemies at least 10 meters in front of it directly.

Har thought that it would be easy for Rayah to use this to experience what magic is in advance, learning how to improve direction when casting spells and the like shouldn't be a problem with this.

For him, magic scepters are just secondary weapons that he can obtain at any time, he only has to shoot a fire arrow at an ice mage to evaporate him and send him straight to hell, so he doesn't give much importance to these things, however. However, how is it possible for the wizards of this world to take a scepter like this so lightly?


As soon as this appeared in Har's hand, Virion seemed to have seen a ghost and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets.