1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Well this is Interesting

Sitting in an office is a being of pure light with the outline of a human and a laptop. A door opens, and a person comes in.

The person sitting at the table points at the vacant chair and says, "Please come and sit."

As the person sits with an expression of 'I want to ask you a question, but you seem busy.' With that thought, he just waits and thinks about other things. After a hot minute, the being sitting begins to speak and turns towards the person.

"Hello, my name is Heavenly. I am not using my real name, because if you did, you would be double dead. And yes, you are dead. "The being now known as Heavenly casually stated to the gaping 'as if you can fit a whole fist at it ' person. Heavenly really likes this expression because it is so hilarious.

"You lucky mister will have your ability awakened and two wishes granted to you, but in exchange for said wishes, you must perform some task for us. Though you can ditch the wishes and just have your ability awakened, usually they are either powerful, like a system, or supportive, like increased intelligence. So, what do you want wishes or not ?"

The person is pondering and has decided to ask, "Can I have my ability awakened first, please?"

"No can do, mister, take it or leave it," Heavenly said, shaking his head.

The person sighs, "With wishes, please."

Heavenly gets up from his chair and motions for him to follow him as he walks behind him and opens a door.The no-name also stands up and follows Heavenly.

No-Name enters and sees that there is just a nicely decorated room with framed pictures and paintings. At the center is a stonelike platform, and beside that is Heavenly on his phone with a big red button.

He looks up and says, "Just stand at the ability awakening platform, please."

No-Name stands at the platforms and asks, "Will this hurt?"

Heavenly looks up from his phone and tries to think of a valid answer: "Did you watch Danny Phantom as a kid, No-Name?"

No-Name, with a slightly hurt look, says, "My name is Mark, and yes, I did watch Danny Phantom."

Heavenly shrugs at Mark's hurt expression. "Well, it is similar to that instead of 1 million volts of electricity and ectoplasm blasting at your very DNA. This one is the most painful because it attempts to awaken dimensional energies from your soul it's like your soul and numerous types of energy are in a blender. So buckle up, Buttercup.

Hits the big red button.

As Heavenly presses the button, a multicolored light appears on the platform, engulfing Mark, whose questions turn into screams of pain. Because it would take too long, Heavenly is playing Plants vs. Zombies on his phone with a noise-cancelling headset.

1 hour later

Mark is still screaming from the pain, though it has kind of dulled, but every minute is torture. When the multicolored light dissipates, Heavenly notices the light is gone, puts his phone in his pocket, and then picks up the weakened Mark and carries him to the office.

Heavenly brings out a pair of glasses and inspects Mark while saying, "You know the most powerful abilities are the system, but a fun fact about this system is that it can be nullified and suppressed. While the other gifts, such as increased intelligence or infinite Mana, continue to exist, they are far more desirable because they can't be suppressed while systems do. Of course, systems grow at a much faster rate, but users also die faster.

Heavenly brings down his glasses " Your ability is what I like to call 'Farm' but with some more. Tell me did you play Hayday or any farming games."

Mark still uncomfortable and in pain " Yeeess I did play farming games."

Heavenly says " Ok this acts like that in which you can just drag your hand across the screen to get wheat and products within minutes. However not only can you bring out products but also appliances, decorations and buildings at the real world. Not only that you can enter what I like to call personal space in which you can enter the Farm actually expand it and can interact with the NPC cause they are real people in exchange you cannot bring the NPC to the real world and the coins only affect the game so no get rich easy but then again you can sell the wheat and other products at the real world so I don't see the problem. Oh and some more hidden surprises"

Mark still in pain but manages to raise his hand "Nice I'm not gonna get hungry soon."

Heavenly with a shrug " Well that is true now about those wishes did you think of anything. " while waving his hand releasing a light that dulls the pain.

Mark says slightly pissed off " You couldn't have done that earlier!"

Heavenly just shrugs

Mark just takes a deep breath and says " Can I know first where I am gonna get sent to. "

Heavenly looks and scrolls at the laptop " You will be at A song of Ice and Fire but you are as a wildling at the Far North about 300 years before Aegon's Conquest. Now before you ask your name will be change cause of the ability being awakened and another world since this would be a your first world I've decided to be easy on you after which ever wish you want would be the next world. Along with those your not inhabiting a new child who recently died no that's just monstrous if that was your concern no what we will just make you forget the first 2 Years of your birth after 2 Years you will awaken along with some memories even if it's minimal. So were just putting your soul at the developing egg which will turn into you but with the characteristics of the parents. So technically not you anymore."

Mark taken in that information and says his first wish " Can I take CYOA?"

Heavenly smiles which unnerves Mark afterall it reminded of Truth which considering his get up must be a fan. "Which one?" Heavenly said that in a slow tone.

Mark with hesitation but manages to get over it says "Worm"

Heavenly with a pleased smile picks a phone and proceeds to call some one. Which Mark sees that number which has a name [Wanderer]. Mark can see that Heavenly is talking but he can't hear what its saying. With a minute pass he puts back his phone with a smile " That can be done but you know the task I'm gonna give your is very important cause there will be multiple teams in on this and we would be giving some extra incentives for this along with moving this world for the last." suddenly his tone change

"But if you fail me then your not just worrying and upsetting about one but multiple beings of my power so don't mess this up. Well here's the cyoa site along with some are already filled out. Your limitation are 8 Tier 1, 4 Tier 2 and 2 Tier 3 power along with you can only choose 2 each from the Physical and Mental from the shardless power of course no turning to a superman or the flash but the others are still viable. "

Lt Ouroumov's Worm CYOA V6

" By the way you can either do a upgrade sacrificing 4 tier 1 or 2 tier 2 for 1 tier 3 power and vice versa. "

With that with nervousness he begins to fill some out while asking "Can I make my second wish please "

Heavenly while texting" Ok what's your second wish"

Mark looks away from the cyoa and says directly " I want six Power systems from different anime, novels and movies with main protagonist level talent. "

Heavenly just pause and looks towards Mark put down his phone again " That is a lot. You are much more like your asking for 6 wishes in one wish. Which I can see the appeal into but I would suggest picking another."

Mark says " Can I get 3 then. "

Heavenly sighs " So you are one those, ok I can technically fullfill but you need to pick from this. Except for your first wish this wish you can't access just yet you do need to go that world first. "

Heavenly pulls out a paper and Mark comes forward and sees his options.

Magic(D&D and Harry Potter )/Force(Star Wars)

Ki(Dragon Ball)/Haki(One Piece)

Chakra(Naruto)/Nen(Hunter X Hunter)

Mark ponders and while he is thinking he sees at the Mental a power system which was also in the listed power list. With one down and three more to go he begin to pick.

"Ok I've made my mind I'll choose: Magic, Nen and Haki"

Heavenly checks those and proceeds to ask " Why didn't you pick Chakra and Ki. Those are very popular choice."

Mark just says " Well one in Chakra and Nen, I choose nen cause I believe that I can use nen to awaken others giving them chance and also become my followers. Ki and Haki is very difficult but since I am feeling that your gonna transfer me to this universe most likely scenario is that I need to fight very dangerous beings since DBZ has the most of those I would take my chance with One Piece also it has devil fruit."

Heavenly nods his head " I can understand Nen and you dodge a bullet by not picking Ki cause your not a saiyan you will just be a regular old human. Ok then I'll just give you your consequence in Magic you will need to attend any school or start/support a school and then uplift the wizard society. Nen is actually gonna be really hard you need to explore the Dark Continent and collect specimens. Haki you need to build a kingdom to void kingdom level and once again uplift them to space age. Are you done with the CYOA yet?"

Mark nods " Yeah I'm finish. " Gives back the laptop.

Heavenly types in the additional powers and just waits for awhile. Then suddenly an aura of fear emerges and envelops Mark which begin to shake in his mind he can hear 'DID YOU REALLY THINK I'M THAT DUMB.'

Heavenly previous all body white feature begins to darken. Those black colors coalesce at the eye region forming darkholes. " Did you think I wouldn't notice that you fucking choose The Force huh kid. You know what sure I'll let you keep it but instead your Magic will happen right now." As he said that he gets at the drawer a D12 dice with a smile on his face. " I hope you roll a 12." Drops it at Mark

Mark hesitantly and he keeps berating for making that stupid choice. He begins the shake the dice in his hands. Mentally his saying 'Please roll low, Please roll low' and drops it

He gets '8'

Heavenly Smiles and says " What your 8 favorite class in D&D. "

Mark shakily said " I've never played DND so I don't kn- "

Heavenly stares at Mark 'PICK'

Mark suddenly has a migraine and a influx of information

Heavenly stares at Mark "PICK"

Mark says " Rouge, Wizard, Artificer, Druid, Ranger, Paladin, Warlock and Bard"

Heavenly says happily and he points at Mark "Nice choice"

Then suddenly Mark feels an itch and in a second there's eight of him. Heavenly said "Do you know Warhammer Fantasy"

As soon as Mark heard "Warhammer" in Heavenly sentence he dreads before he can utter a word he's gone with a snap of a finger.

Heavenly reach to a another drawer which has "Rainbow Summer Whiskey" a combination of two extremely delicious alcohol. Takes a swig and he take it back along with making some calls.

The "8" Mark soon appears with all a haunted look and terrified face. Heavenly sees them and then merges them back to singular. Heavenly in a few minutes put down his phone.

Heavenly "You know I should be impress 4 of you not only making it to Warhammer Fantasy upto Warhammer The Horus Heresy. Well congratulations you asshole manage to level them all up but then again everytime you die if your not Level 20 then you'll still live. Not only experiencing 8 but more lives. Hahhahahaa"

Heavenly "Now for the consequences of having the Force it wi-"

Mark with a tired voice "Wait that wasn't the consequences"

Heavenly said "Oh yes that was a consequence. Consequence of pissing me off so in your Force choice I would say make a Force Sect and make sure to make it to Revenge of the Sith. Oh by the way those DND classes you have can only access three of them at your first world(ASOIAF), 2 more at your Second World, 2 more at Third, and 1 more at Fourth. "

Mark nods at that

Heavenly" Not only that you need to start to level 1 again. Though once you died which is indetermined but pretty long in a world you max it" Heavenly with a frown "If you think killing yourself to get those bonuses then you surely are wrong. Finish the task first and only then you can ask for my name then I can kill you or just live and die at a very long time or do something you just need to die."

Mark Tiredly Nods

Heavenly claps his hand "Well that's all done oh by the way your consequence in CYOA is pretty standard Kill SCION and also yeah you can do that"

With that light flashes and Mark is gone.

Cyoa ( When he goes to worm also I modified it a bit so instead of anytime given by the Cyoa now it's like about 200 years. )

1800, Drop-In / Insert, Chaotic, Good, Rogue, Same Gender, Olympic, Blind Spot, Mind Blank, Mental Barrier, Trumped the Trump, Wealthy, Peaceful Vibes, Don't lose your way!, Invictus, 'Plot' Armor, Negentropy, Pocket Shard, Conflicted Predictions, Esoteric Knowledge, Power Tweak(Taken 1 Times),

Case 53, Conscious Geas, Enmity, Wanted (Local)(Taken 1 Times), Endbringer Target, Trouble Magnet, Fallen Worship, Tinfoil Hat, Acclimatation, Arbitrary Limitations (One Power)(Taken 1 Times), Desire For Survival, The answer to life the universe and everything, Worst Day Ever, Bad Day,

Shard of the Wanderer, Queen, Friendly, White-Box Tech, Uninhibited,

(Shaker/Master/Thinker/Blaster) Bag of Holding, (Shaker) Earthbender, (Brute/Striker) Captain America, (Brute) Deadpool, (Tinker) Jack of All Trades, (Tinker) Repair, (Blaster) Unlimited Ammo Works, (Blaster) Firebender, (Tinker) Hero, (Thinker) Polymath, (Blaster/Striker) Sting, (Brute) Avalon, (Tinker) Revolution, Homo Superior, Asgardian, Ultimate Hope (Danganronpa), The Force

Thousand Styles Master, Talented Artist, Martial Weapons Master, Martial Weapons Artist, Marksman, Gun Fu, Parkour, Survival, Stealth, Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Software Engineering, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Psychology, Economics, Teaching, Learning, Tactics, Strategy, Investigation, Business, Politics, Inspiration, First-Aid, Echolocation, Pickpocketing, Banter, Earth Bet (Primary Timeline), Moon.

Source of Powers, Powers, and Skills You can skip this

Shard of the Wanderer

Cost: 5 CP

Cost: 5 SP

Your power comes from the Wanderer Entity. + Your power doesn't alter your personality or push you towards conflict. + You instinctively understand how to use your powers. + Your power start slightly stronger than describe and can grow in strength and potency over time if you push your limits. + Your power will back you up in a situation where you are incapacitated and are unable to continue fighting. + Your power has enough juice to last at least a few centuries of continuous use.


Cost: 10 CP

The entity, not having this Shard, is severely hindered. This Shard is significantly stronger than most others, only equaled by the other Queen shards. You can choose Tier 1, 2, and 3 powers.


Cost: 5 SP

Cost: 15 CP

Your Shard really likes you. It will give you leeway with your powers and will happily help you out when in a tight spot. Your powers will develop in helpful ways over time.

White-Box Tech

Cost: 5 SP

Cost: 5 CP

Good news, your Tinker-tech is not black-boxed. The principles behind your tech can be understood and reproduced by scientists. Bad news, your Tinker-tech is not black-boxed. A lot of people will want to know you.


Cost: 5 SP

Cost: 5 CP

Your Shard is less restricted than usual, this doesn't lift all restrictions are the result would be ... explosive but it gives your Shard more leeway to express your powers. In practice, this could do several things. It could loosen your Manton Limit and allow your power to apply to more things, like Skitter being able to control all invertebrates or Vista being less limited by living creatures, or it could loosen other restrictions, such as the restrictions all Tinkers have on space travel and other Technologies the entities consider high-risk.

(Shaker/Master/Thinker/Blaster) Bag of Holding

Cost: 3 SP

You can project a portal to a pocket dimension with seemingly infinite space in it. You will always know what's in the pocket universe, and you will always be able to retrieve what you want from it. The opening of the portal will increase in size when trying to insert something larger than the hole itself. The pocket dimension can hold all the water in the world, but it would take many of your lifetimes. You can telepathically order the portal to shoot something out at 60 miles per hour or less.

(Shaker) Earthbender

Cost: 7 SP

You are an earthbender, you can manipulate the earth through the use of martial arts. You find learning how to earthbend to be intuitive. Eventually you will be able to bend metal and magma. This can also be used to detect lies. Theoretically, Earthbending could be used to bloodbend, but since waterbenders can initially only bloodbend on a full moon, and Earth Benders don't have a time when they're significantly stronger, it's likely you would never be able to learn how.

(Brute/Striker) Captain America

Cost: 2 SP

You have a moderately above peak-human body in every way, excluding looks. Your looks are increased by one level though, and if they're already at the top level, then you look parahumanly attractive. You can also turn any circular object with a diameter less than a meter into a nearly-inviolable shock absorbing shield as long as you touched it within the last 15 seconds. The appearance of the object doesn't actually change and this power can only be used on one object at a time. The object must be metallic in nature.

(Brute) Deadpool

Cost: 12 SP

As long as even a cell of you survives, you can regenerate from it. A cut will heal almost immediately. A severed head will take a while, and will regrow from the head. You can not use this power to create clones. If your Corona Pollenta and Corona Gemma are near-simultaneously hit by a power that heavily deals in and/or relies on portals and dimensional shenanigans, you will die.

(Tinker) Jack of All Trades

Cost: 2 SP

You're not a real Tinker, instead you know how to make anything that can be made in a mundane manner.

(Tinker) Repair

Cost: 3 SP

You can repair, maintain, and use any Tinkertech you find. You can also combine Tinkertech into something that combines the functions of the two inventions. Any Tinkertech you repair or maintain will, in the future, last longer.

(Blaster) Unlimited Ammo Works

Cost: 2 SP

As long as you have at least one projectile left, you will never run out. You can create phantasmal copies of your ammo that work just as well as the original, though they do dissipate 10 seconds after impact.

(Blaster) Firebender

Cost: 6 SP

You are a firebender, you can manipulate and create fire through the use of martial arts. You find learning how to firebend to be intuitive. Eventually you'll be able to bend lightning and maybe even explosions. You can also learn how to redirect lightning. You're stronger during the day, especially when it's hotter out. You can't firebend on a solar eclipse and certain comets will enhance your ability to firebend.

(Tinker) Hero

Cost: 20 SP

You have Hero's power. You are a highly versatile Tinker that specializes in wavelength manipulation. This power allows the mimicry of the Entities' Stilling power.

(Thinker) Polymath

Cost: 15 SP

Your Shard modifies your brain to bring your Intelligence and Memory to the level of a one of a kind genius like Tony Stark or Reed Richards. You can master new fields of knowledge or skills in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years. You form muscle memory and reflexes with only a nominal amount of training. You keep some of this ability when your Shard runs out of juice, although your rate of growth is halved.

(Blaster/Striker) Sting

Cost: 25 SP

You can infuse anything you can touch, any projectile you fire, or any power you manifest, with the ability to ignore select laws of physics, including the ability to pass through anything. These will not pass through your own body unless you will them to. You cannot empower yourself with this. Along with this ability, you also have an intuitive understanding of angles, trajectories, as well as an enhanced sense of timing.

(Brute) Avalon

Cost: 30 SP

You regenerate near instantaneously, are far more durable than you otherwise would, have unlimited stamina, have no limits when it comes to how strong you can become through training, are beloved by nature and its inhabitants, and your willpower is increased.

(Tinker) Revolution

Cost: 30 SP

You have access to every Tinker technology tree as well as understood technology dating back to the dawn of civilization(s). The closer to understood technology your inventions are the less black-boxed they are. This limit can be raised if you study and analyze your own technology or if a technology you created is reverse engineered and understood by scientists. You can have 3 method specializations (modular, efficiency, etc) at once, 5 broad specializations (lasers, waves, code, vehicles, etc.) at once, and 9 narrow specializations (clockwork automata, personal equipment, prosthetics, surveillance, etc.). It takes a minute to switch between specializations.

Homo Superior

Cost: 30 SP

Your X-Gene is activated and your latent mutant powers awaken. The powers you gain from this are random but will at least be Alpha level and you will be able to train them through practice. You are guaranteed to not be physically mutated in an unappealing way.


Cost: 30 SP

You gain the physiology of an Asgardian. You can superhuman physical abilities as well as an unlimited lifespan. You gain the Allspeak, the universal language that can be understood by all.

Ultimate Hope (Danganronpa)

Cost: 15 SP

Rather than simply having one talent, you have every talent known to man at the level of an Ultimate Talent, as well as the talent of the Ultimate Analyst, complete with the noticeably red eyes. Naturally there exists the risk of constant boredom, losing your empathy, and becoming a monster to a higher degree than that of the Ultimate Analyst, however given the example of Hajime Hinata, it is possible to keep your empathy, perhaps not easily, but possible.

The Force

Cost: 15 SP

Remarkable, your Midichlorian count is above 20,000. Yes, the force does exist, and you have been given the ability to use it.

Thousand Styles Master

Cost: 25 CP

You are a master of free form martial arts. You are not limited by style and instead move your entire body like a weapon and flows between moves like water.

Talented Artist

Cost: 5 CP

You have a talent for learning and combining martial arts

Martial Weapons Master

Cost: 15 CP

You are a master of several weapon-based martial arts.

Martial Weapons Artist

Cost: 5 CP

You have a talent for learning and combining weapon-based martial arts.


Cost: 10 CP

You are a skilled marksman. You are also proficient with most common ranged weapons and can figure out more exotic weapons with ease.

Gun Fu

Cost: 10 CP

Required: Marksman

Required: Single Style Artist, Dual Styles Artist, Five Styles Artist, Ten Styles Artist, Thousand Styles Master,

You are a master of the fictional martial art called Gun Fu, adapted to actually work.


Cost: 5 CP

You know how to fall, how to land, how to jump, and how to maneuver. You're a master of parkour.


Cost: 5 CP

You know how to survive without money, whether that's in the wilderness or in a city.


Cost: 5 CP

You know how to be stealthy. This includes both the crowd blending and the sneaking/hiding approach.

Mechanical Engineer

Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in mechanical engineering. While you can't understand Tinkertech, you are educated enough to spot such devices and poke at them without blowing yourself up.

Electronics Engineer

Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in electronics engineering. While you can't understand Tinkertech, you are educated enough to spot such devices and poke at them without blowing yourself up.

Software Engineering

Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in software engineering. This includes several programming languages popular on Earth Bet and the ability to learn more as you go easily.

Visual Arts

Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in visual arts (architecture, drawing, painting, photography, etc.).

Literary Arts

Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in literary arts (literature, poetry, etc.).

Performing Arts

Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in performing arts (dance, theater, etc.).


Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in psychology.


Cost: 5 CP

You have the equivalent of a degree with a major in economics.


Cost: 3 CP

You know how to teach people. Could be useful if you want to start a school of superpowered martial arts, because frankly, martial arts won't work the same with superpowers added to them, even if it's just a weak Brute power.


Cost: 5 CP

You find it easier to take-notes, pay attention, and follow along to speeches, seminars, lectures, discussions, and anything written. Also helps you learn physically and makes studying easier. Really helps if you have ADD or ADHD.


Cost: 10 CP

You have the Art of War installed and have a tactical mindset. You also find yourself with the ability to make a mental map of an area. You're going to need more experience if you want to be a tactical genius though, sorry bud.


Cost: 10 CP

You know how to make long term plans. You find it easy to grasp geography, troop locations, and the best move for your enemy to make.


Cost: 8 CP

You have all the skills necessary to be a detective... except the knowledge of the law. This doesn't make you more perceptive, but it does make it so you know what to look for and how to think.


Cost: 7 CP

You're great with money, making deals, bartering, etc. Stacks well with the Neutral alignment.


Cost: 10 CP

You know how to play a crowd or group.


Cost: 15 CP

You know how to inspire people. Combined with True Good and you could end up being a Shounen protagonist. Almost.


Cost: 5 CP

You know how to do basic first-aid. You know stuff like mouth-to-mouth, how to stop bleeding, and how to stop someone from biting their tongue off from pain. You have a college 101 course level knowledge on both biology and anatomy. You find learning further about these subjects to be easy.


Cost: 4 CP

A blind person can 'see' to some extent using echolocation. It isn't perfect, or as clear as a not-blind person's sight, but it helps. You can use this version of echolocation


Cost: 1 CP

You know how to pickpocket. This gives you moderate skill at stealth and slight of hand.


Cost: 1 CP

You're good at banter and distraction. A bonus for this is that you gain a sense of humor, if you didn't already have one.

Earth Bet Slang

Cost: 1 CP

You know all the common Earth Bet slang. This is mostly useless if you chose Reincarnate or Character-Insert, though a loner or sufficiently young or old person might not know the slang.


The Reincarnator's Tavern by GnomeBob

Webnovel or Fanfiction.net

Major Inspiration there is one here at Webnovel I would recommend checking it out

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