2 A wish has been made

Chance sighed and leaned down his chair and threw the report he was reading onto the desk.

Chance Howard is an historical researcher who helps history professors in discussing a certain topic, now, a request to tackle the history of King Charles from the students of Professor Adams is stressing him out.

He couldn't find any other information besides the said fact that the King died because of having a relationship with a man. "But which man? How did he die? Why did he get in a relationship with that man despite knowing that..." He did not continue and just bit on his nail. A lot of unanswered thoughts flooded his mind. This topic is more difficult compared to the wars he has discussed.

He let out another sigh, "This will be quite difficult to report." He massaged the corner of his eyes, he has been lacking sleep for a straight week already and all he can wish for is to have a good night's sleep. It was 4 o'clock in the morning and he set an alarm for 30 minutes for him to get at least a nap. After a while, he woke up from the sound of notification. He turned to his digital clock to see that it was only 4:28, "Damn, right before the alarm goes on."

[Andy: Everybody awake? I have something to say so wake uppppp!]

[You have the talent to become an alarm, An.]

[Andy: Did I wake you up that easily? Awesome.]

[I haven't got any sleep at all.]

[Thanks to you.]

[Andy: Well, you're welcome.]

[Andy: Ruth, I saw you read my messages. Don't pretend to sleep.]

[Ruther: So damn early, An. Stfu.]

[Fuse: I never slept lol]

[Andy: You busy today, Chance?]

[Aren't I always?]

[Still not done with research]

[King Charles is such a secretive gay]

[Ruther: You mean, like you?]

[Fck you, Ruth]

[Ruther: Chill]

He slammed the laptop shut and cleaned up the mess on his desk. He went for a shower and dressed up with a plain shirt and his favorite hoodie. He never took his time to pick what to wear because he never cared about how others think. He only goes out for work and spends most of his life in his room. An introvert as you may call it. Even bullies can't put up with him. They had fun bullying him but after a while, they gave up.

The only group of friends he has is his online friends.

He checked another notification from his phone and it's Andy again. He forgot that she said that she had something to say. He opened the group chat and saw a message that he had recently feared to come.

[Andy: Chance...]

[Andy: The three of us meet often now, you are the only one we haven't met yet.]

[Andy: Can we all meet up?]

He bit his lip and turned off his phone without replying to her messages. It's not that he doesn't want to meet up. He is just scared to mess up since he doesn't have any idea how to talk to friends face to face.

He immediately left the condo after checking the messages and went straight to Maximilian University where most of the students know him because of his lectures. The students passing by greets him and he greets back with a simple nod. He rushed his way to quickly reach the professor's room when he bumped into the man he was about to meet.

"Professor..." he muttered as he looked up to his face. The professor smiled and opened his room.

"Why are you in such a rush? Slow down, sit."

"A lot of students keep approaching me so I had to hurry here." he responded and sat down on the office's couch.

"Shouldn't you be glad that you're getting famous?" the professor laughed at the weird former student of his. "No, sir. It's a pain in the ass."

"First time meeting someone who doesn't like being famous."

"Congratulations, sir."

He glanced at Chance and noticed the dark circles underneath his eyes. "Did you come here to show me your finished report?" Hearing that question, Chance opened his eyes and turned to the professor. "About that sir, uhm." He got off his comfortable position and sat up straight in the chair in front of the professor's desk. "Can you give me another week, sir?" he says while scratching the back of his neck.

Professor Adam's brows furrowed as he stared at Chance, "What's wrong? You never made a mistake regarding lectures before." Chance listened to the professor while gazing at his research papers. "The thing is... I'm really having difficulty with the recently requested topic." he answered. Professor Adam took the papers from his hand and scanned it. "There's not much here."

Chance nodded with embarrassment. "I went to a lot of libraries and researched online, but I still couldn't find any detailed information. I can discuss the topic but I'm afraid it's not enough to satisfy your students' curiosity. They might ask about something outside the scope of what I had researched." The professor nodded, "You're right. Can you tell me what you wish to find out about?"

Chance went through his papers and turned to Professor Adam, "The reason for the king's death is somehow connected with his male lover. That's the only information I have. I want to know the name of his lover, The detailed reason of his death, Why is his lover connected to his death? Everything is confusing."

"I think everything will get easier if you don't focus on death yet." the professor stated.

Chance looked at the professor with a perplexed expression and stared down dejectedly. But then the professor's words drummed in his mind. His face brightened up after what the professor said finally sank in. He smiled "Professor, you're the best! Although it can only get me a little information, at least it'll be a good start." He stood up and took his bag and rushed out of the room, leaving the professor dumbfounded.

"With only one sentence from me, he already figured out what to do?" he shook his head slowly and smiled.


He was already in front of his car to drive home when he felt a vibration in the pockets of his pants. He reached for the phone and opened it and saw an unknown caller.

[Unknown Number Calling...]

He looked at the unknown number and ignored it. He grabbed the car's door handle but he felt another vibration. He stopped for a moment but decided to ignore it again and went inside the car.

After getting inside, he started the engine of the car and was about to drive when he heard another call. He didn't like answering an unregistered call but he finally picked up, "Hello?"

[I almost fell asleep waiting for you to pick up, Chance!]

Chance looked at the screen again and responded, "Who are you?"

[This is An! Andy!]

"How'd you get my number?"

[Fuse is a programmer, dumb head. Don't ignore my messages!]

"I was busy. I didn't have enough time to reply." he lied.

[Come to Milla's Cafe. That's where we will all meet up. No buts! I know you will try to make up another excuse to escape. WE will be expecting you.]

Chance was about to say something when the line got cut off. Andy hanged up before he had a chance to refuse. "I can't stand them up. Knowing An, they'll be waiting for sure until I get there." he sighed and checked his watch before driving off to the meet up place.


The pipes chimed as he pushed the door open. He spotted three people in the couch corner laughing and chatting with each other. He gripped his bag, nervous about what could happen. "Friends...After all these years, I finally made friends. I can't mess this up by being an introverted freak!" He held his head down, trying to imagine different scenarios of introducing himself.

"Hi... I am Chance. I.. I am a---- No, it's too slow."

"Good morning, I am Chance Howard. A pleasure to finally me--- No, too formal. Damn!"

"Chance Howard, a ----

"Chance! Is that you?"

He felt even more tense as he heard a familiar voice calling his name. He looked up and saw Andy waving at him while the two guys turned to look. "What are you waiting for? Come here already!" Andy exclaimed.

He smiled awkwardly and slowly went to the arm chair across the couch they were sitting on. Chance didn't utter a word while the other guys just kept staring at him. Andy shot glances at their faces, noticing the awkward silence between them. She cleared her throat and smiled, "Ahem, so... You are Chance Howard right?" she said to start a conversation.

"Obviously." Ruther uttered, Andy smacked him and glared. "Umm, yes. That's right." Chance replied. They all looked at him waiting for him to continue talking, but no other words followed, causing another silence.

Chance looked down, "That's it, I messed up again. I didn't even get to introduce myself. Chance, you are such an idiot!" he wanted to hit himself for messing up but Ruther turned to him, displeased by his behavior. "Hey," he called out.

"Can you snap out of it? You're so different from the Chance we talk to, online." he said, irritated. Chance's brows furrowed as he turned to Ruther, "Of course, it's different! You don't get to see me when it's only a chat. I don't have to feel so damn nervous online, Unlike this kind of face to face conversations." Chance snapped.

Ruther was taken aback by the sudden change of attitude. "O-okaaay..?" He looked at the other two and they all laughed at his response. "Dude, I thought you were all quiet because you didn't want to talk to us." Ruther stated. Andy quickly nodded, "Yeah, you keep on making an excuse about meet ups so I thought you just don't want to see us." she added.

Fuse snickered and chimed in, "Turns out you're just nervous."

Chance sighed sharply and shook his head, "That's not it. I'm... just not a people person." Ruther nodded back to lean onto the couch, "Yeah, we can tell." Andy elbowed him in the stomach "Stop being sarcastic all the time, Ruth." he just rubbed the spot she elbowed and gave her a shrug.

"How's it going with the king's history, or whatever you call it, Is there progress?" Andy asked.


She smiled at his response, "Almost done?"

Chance scoffed, "Almost starting on it."

Their jaws dropped open and grunted, "On it? You've been on it for a week!" Ruther exclaimed.

"It's not easy! There's not a single hint regarding how he died. I can't just tell the students 'Oh, I don't know. No one cares about a gay king's death!' But if I can get detailed information about the king, maybe I can figure it out." he stated.

"So basically, you have to know the start to see the end." Chance nodded at Fuse's comment, "Right, that's exactly my plan."

"What, now you have to play the role of a detective? Your job is so bothersome, why the hell did you choose to be a historian out of all careers?" Ruther asked, it's as if he could feel the second-hand frustration that Chance is feeling.

Chance frowned at the question, "Why are you so vexed on my career? Are you the one working?" Ruther got silent and averted his gaze to the side.

Chance looked down and fiddled with his fingers, "Most of the people don't even know why they like something, they just start to feel that they do." he said and let out a snort.

"Then," Chance looked at Ruther to hear what he's going to say, "Are you one of those people?" he asked.

Chance stared at him and went silent, not sure of what to answer.

He stared outside the transparent wall, remembering how he decided to become a historical researcher. He never really thought much about it. Ever since he was a child, he was as curious as Pandora trying to find out what's inside the box. Maybe it was because he grew up without knowing his family. His parents died before he could even reach his first year of birth. The other relatives was nowhere to be found because his birth was kept a secret. He lived in an orphanage, isolated from other children due to his unsociable personality. He was curious about everything, what happened before he was born. That may have been the reason why he likes history, researching the past.

'Learning about the past is useless, Why would you need to learn something that's already over? What a waste of time.' That was what people used to tell him. Even though he knew that was a fact, a part of him still wanted to do it. It's as though the purpose of his life is to spread history. To not let it be forgotten.

"That cat is so cute!"

"How did it get inside the cafe?"

But what could have happened to his life if he hadn't chosen this profession? Would he be able to be someone who can finally socialize?

"It's so black! Fuse, go get him!"

"No way! Why don't you go get him yourself?"

Chance scoffed and shook his head, for an introvert like him, being a historical researcher is the best choice. He doesn't have to go to an office with co-workers of whom he has to get close to. He could research by his own alone in his room or he could travel alone if he wants to. There's no reason for him to change his job given all the perks he has.

He pulled himself out of daze and saw his three friends bending down as if trying to find something, His brows furrowed, "What are you guys looking for?"

Andy straightened up to turn to Chance and scratched her nape, "The cat vanished," she answered and continued to look around.

Chance circled around in his seat and looked around the cafe, "What cat?" Andy answered, "It's a gorgeous black cat with purple eyes, That was such a rare cat but it left." She glared at Fuse and gave him a slight kick, "I told you to go get it!"

Chance got even more confused and thought of how it came in and out of a closed cafe's heavy glass doors, "Maybe it was the café owner's cat." he said. Andy shook her head, "I know the owner, Milla doesn't like cats." She sighed and threw herself onto the couch, "Never mind, But it's too bad you didn't see it. Why were you staring into space, huh?"

"Oh, Um, It's nothing, I just remembered something." he answered and smiled awkwardly.

The door pipes chimed as another customer came in. As Chance watched his three friends chatting together, the man who had just come in caught his attention. He doesn't understand why he felt the same as every protagonist in a drama felt. The voices of the people seem to have hushed down and everything is suddenly in a slow motion. He stared at the man walking towards the counter and can't seem to take his eyes off him.

"I think we should rename Chance after a star."


"Because he always has a sirius expression."

Chance put his hand on his aching chest, it was as if something was piercing his heart. It hurts so much and he doesn't know the reason for its pain. 'Why is he so familiar?' Chance thought, still looking at the man. He felt like he knew him so much, but that was impossible because Chance only had three friends and he spent his life inside his house. How could he have known him?

Andy and Ruther stopped beating Fuse for his horrible joke, and was stunned when they looked at their quiet friend. "Cha...Chance..?" they muttered.

Chance heard them and turned to look but was perplexed by their reaction. "What's wrong?" he asked.

The three looked at each other then back at him, "That's what we should be asking you." Andy said. Ruther, not knowing what to do, pointed at Chance's face.

Chance immediately touched his face and felt that both sides of his cheeks were wet. The three of them panicked when they saw his tears kept flowing nonstop, Andy immediately went to sit by his side and patted his back gently. "W-what's wrong? Why are you suddenly crying??" she asked.

Chance continued to tear up and looking as confused as they are, he shook his head, "I...I don't know.." his voice cracked and he couldn't find any other words to say because it was getting harder for him to speak.

Andy looked back at the other two and hugged Chance, "It's... okay. We're here." she said to reassure him. His chest still ached and felt tremendous sadness and he still had no idea why.

After he finally stopped crying, he leaned back onto the couch and took a deep breath. Andy let out a sharp sigh while the other two sighed in relief, "You startled us! How could you suddenly cry like that?" she complained.

Chance smiled softly, "I'm sorry, I... suddenly felt sad and teared up after staring at.." Chance suddenly remembered the man he was staring at and looked back at the cafe's counter, 'Where is he?'

"Staring at whom?" they asked, waiting for Chance to continue talking, "Uh, never mind. He's gone anyways." he muttered. The three became even curious about whom he was talking about but before they could continue to ask, a café staff approached them.

The woman smiled and said, "A hot chocolate for you, Sir." Chance glanced at the drink and waved his hand, "I'm sorry, I think you got it wrong. I haven't ordered anything yet. This drink is not mine." he said.

"But our staff who works at the counter told me to give it to you." she insisted.

"But it really isn't mine."

"Oh, actually, it was ordered for you." they all turned when the one working at the counter spoke.

"Ordered for me?" he asked, confused.

The guy nodded, "The man who just left saw you crying and told me to give you a hot chocolate drink, he already paid for it."

"Maybe it's that man you were talking about." Fuse stated.

Chance thanked the staff and they went back to their jobs. He stared at the drink and tried to remember the man. He took the drink and sipped it and stared outside the glass wall again.

"Just who are you?"


After the meet up, Chance left his car in his condominium's parking lot. He hoped for things to get easier since he finally had an idea for the research. He tried to fasten his pace up to quickly get home, when he suddenly felt weird. Well, he is undeniably weird enough, given the fact that he's a freak. But that's not it, he really felt something weird. He tried to look around to see if somebody was following him but there was nobody there. He ignored it and continued walking.

"Is there anything you wish for?"

Chance stopped walking, he swear he had heard a voice. He looked around again but there was still no one around. The parking lot was covered with eeriness and he was startled by a sudden rustle in trash bins beside the elevator. He slowly went towards the spot where he heard the rustling noise, careful not to make a sound, and stopped in front of the trash bins.

As he gently pushed the trash bins, he found out the one behind the rustle. An ethereal being, clad in black. Chance lifted his arm to his mouth to not alarm it of his presence. He has no idea how it came all the way to his condo, did it actually follow him?

Nevertheless, he can't just leave knowing that it followed him. He mustered up all the courage to approach it without alarming it.

But it was already too late.

It had already noticed him.

He put his hands together to plead, "Please don't. Please don't kill me!"


He gripped his chest, he was finished off with just a mere 'meow'. The cuteness of the cat killed him to the point where he didn't care that he looked like a retard by the eyes of the people walking by the parking lot. He slapped himself, embarrassed by his actions. He stood up and pressed the elevator's button to go up to his unit but then felt the cat's head brushing itself on his leg. He tried hard to hold himself back because of the pitiful eyes the cat was giving him.

Despite his introversion, he has a soft spot for cats. So, in the end, he carried the cat inside his unit to keep him. He sighed, looking at the happy clingy cat sitting on his lap, "Don't get me wrong, I decided to keep you because Andy is looking for you." The cat stared at him with a tilted head like how other pets listen to their master. Chance backed off a little bit to fight the urge to hug the cute, black kitty. "Don't look at me like that!"

Chance left the cat and went to the bathroom to wash up. While in shower, he remembered the voice who called out to him earlier. "I completely forgot about it because of the cat, but who was that?" he thought. He could swear that there was no one around that time. He stopped thinking about it and continued washing up.

After showering, he put on jogging pants and a big plain white shirt. With a towel around his neck, he sat down in front of his desk to open his laptop. He was about to search for 'King Charles's Death' but then he remembered the professor's advice.

He smiled, "Let's do this!" he said to himself. He typed down the words he had thought back in the Professor's office at the university. Prince Charles, 1889.

Out of all the results, Chance immediately clicked the article about Charles back when he was still a prince.

[Charles Howard, Crown Prince of Antares, 1889.]

He stared at it for so long without blinking, because he thought he had misread it. "Such a coincidence, I have just noticed now, My research subject is also a Howard." he said. Looking at the article, he thought maybe these small details about the prince could help him. "I wish I had a way to know everything about his story." he sighed.

"Is there anything you wish for?"

He remembered the question that the mysterious voice gave him and he got curious about it again. He glanced at the cat sitting on the bed looking at him. He didn't get to see the person who called him but at least he saw the adorable black cat.

"I'll call you Wish, from now on." he stated while smiling and the cat meowed in return.

Little did he know that a mere cat he named as Wish...

Would be his key to the 19th Century.

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