1 Golden opportunity

Los Angeles.

"Arrrggghhh..." Ellie Miller groaned before sticking her hand out of the warm blanket.

Her hand waved around her bedside table, trying very hard to look for the alarm clock that was screaming its lungs out.

"Damn!" She cursed before sticking her head out. Grabbing the alarm clock, she shouted, "Fine Mr. Clock, I am up now so shut up!"

Scratching her head, she yawned and stretched her body before burying her head back in the pillow, all ready to doze off to sleep again.

After a few minutes, she widened her eyes in shock and yelled, "Fuck Ellie, you are fucking doomed," before jumping out of the bed and rushing towards the wardrobe. "Oh God, I am so dead." 

After grabbing a random white top and a pair of skinny jeans, she took off her nightwear and started changing her clothes.

"You are an idiot," she murmured before trying to fit into her pants but eventually lost her balance and ended up landing on her butt.

Wincing in pain, she cursed her pants for being too skinny. She then somehow pulled herself up and started rubbing her butt cheeks which still felt sore.

After taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down, Ellie patted her chest. "Don't freak out Ellie Miller, we can do this."

When she was done changing, she grabbed a random scrunchie from the dressing table and tied her hair into a ponytail, then she rushed towards the washroom to brush her teeth, wash her face, and make sure her hair was in place. 

When she was all done, she grabbed her file and hurriedly left.


Looking at all the mess in the living room and the multiple unopened boxes, Ellie scratched her forehead. It had been a week since she moved into a two-bedroom apartment, but she hadn't put away her things yet. 

Squatting down, she joined her hands and murmured, "I am sorry Mr. Box but I swear I'll deal with you when I come back. Wish me luck!" Grabbing the apartment keys, she took a few deep breaths before leaving her apartment.


Ellie Miller is from Seattle, a city in Washington. She had just moved to Los Angeles a week ago to find a decent job for herself. After graduating from Seattle University and working for some small companies for a few years, she wanted to try something big and different.

When her childhood best friend told her about a vacant job in the company she was working at, Ellie decided to give it a shot.

Ellie Miller is an ambitious, smart, kind, humble, and fun-loving twenty-five-year-old woman. Coming from an ordinary family, she had her own struggles but she never complained. She was happy with whatever God had given her and lived for the moment without caring about what would happen next.

Not only did she have a fun-loving and kind nature but she was beautiful too. With her greenish-blue round eyes, brown hair, and all her curves at the right place, she could easily attract anyone's attention and could captivate them in the web of her natural beauty.


Stewart International Group.

Hopping out of the taxi, Ellie rushed towards the tall building.

"Ellie Miller you are so fucking dead," she murmured when she saw her friend standing near the entrance of the building with her hands on her waist.

Melissa Powell rushed towards her unpunctual childhood best friend and yanked at her, "How can you be late El? And what the fuck are you wearing? Didn't I ask you to wear something formal? You are—"

Pouncing into Melissa's embrace, Ellie sighed, "Ahhh Mel I missed you so much."

The small flame of anger that was burning inside Melissa quickly dissipated and she hugged her best friend tighter, "Ahhh I missed you too."

Pulling back, Ellie gave her a guilty and innocent look. "I am sorry, actually I forgot to set my alarm and—"

"We will talk about your alarm later, which I am very sure that you slammed it off. You are already late for the interview, El. We gotta rush." Without waiting for her to finish her silly excuse, Melissa grabbed Ellie's hand and dragged her inside the building.


Inside the building.

"Hey Patricia, this is Ellie Miller and she is here for the interview," Melissa said before raising Ellie's hand.

Waving her other hand at the middle-aged woman, Ellie smiled. "Hey, Patricia."

"24th floor, the president's office. Hurry!" Patricia snapped.

"Thanks, Patricia." Melissa blew a kiss at her and rushed towards the elevator.


Outside the President's office.

"Alright, are you ready? Are you nervous?" Melissa asked.

"What if I say I am?" Ellie questioned back. She was really very nervous, so nervous that her hands were turning cold. Working in a company as big as Stewart International Group was huge and she didn't want this golden opportunity to slip from her hands.

"Okay El, breathe with me." After taking a few deep breaths, Melissa added, "You can do this, babe, it's just an interview. I know you will rock this."

Ellie nodded and gave Melissa a hug before entering the office.


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