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Trapped in a Fantasy World


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~CONTAINS PROFANITY- read at your own discretion~ My name is, well... was Melanie. Let me tell you a little about myself before the 'big change.' I grew up being less than average my whole life. I was not the pretty, popular girl at school. In other words, I am a NOBODY. Because of this, I devoted my life to books and worked at a local bookstore. Everything changed when we received a batch of old donated items, something seemed... off. I suddenly fainted when I opened one of the donated books. What's going on? Where am I? and why is there such an attractive demon emperor in front of me ready to kill me?! ______________________________________________ Since reincarnation/fantasy books are usually targeted for a younger audience (teen-young adult), this will be an easy-to-read book. Simple and casual. I update daily~ Volume 1 is finished and will soon work on volume 2. Thank you for your support. The book cover illustration and original characters belong to me.


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