Transmigrator Commander of Girls Frontline must not be a Reckless man

The Commander who claimed to be a Transmigrator said to have traveled through several different worlds, and even blew up a planet with his bare hands, and tore off his system with his own hands... Even them Tactical Dolls were not willing to believe such outlandish claim. But seeing how this guy even wanted to unscrew and taste a bottle of Collapse Fluid... They felt that this is most likely true, and their commander...was more like a complete reckless man! -XXXXX- A Google Translated Fic from the Chinese Fic of the same name with some slight edits here and there for fixing, there seems to be a lacking of GFL fanfics and even with those present have too much gloom and this fic is pretty much a breath of fresh air and pacing. I just want to port this so people can see this gem that ive found in the rare GFL fanfics that ive come across. Original CN name; 少女前线的穿越者指挥官必不可能是个莽夫! Disclaimer: I aint own anything, and a mere 'translator' or 'editor' to show gems.

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Chapter 106: Wait Patiently!


Seeing five resignation letters neatly arranged in her hand, Helian took a deep breath, the veins on her forehead pulsing uncontrollably.

Outrageous! It's utterly outrageous!

Within a day, all the tactical dolls of an entire division resigned! Even Helian who had worked at G&K for so many years had never heard of such an exaggerated thing!?

Massaging her temples with a headache, Helian was truly at a loss for words with this situation. "I've received your resignation letters, so do you want to return to IOP's HQ immediately for job placement or submit resumes on your own?"

"Oh, that's not necessary because the Security Contractor we want to go to isn't far away. We'll just go there ourselves!" P90 waved her hand. Since it's in the same city and not too far, this behavior is acceptable.

"Security Contractor?"

Without removing the fire control core directly and the Security Contractor she only know about nearby is...

"You... you're not going to Reno's firm, are you?"

"Yes, yes! I messaged CF05 yesterday, and if we go today, we might even get a task bonus. Ah, CF05 is urging me, so anyway, we're leaving now! See you later, Acting Agent Helian!"

After hearing Helian's question, P90 nodded and then looked at her phone that suddenly rang, picked up her travel bag from the side, and rushed out while waving to Helian.

"Oh, I'm leaving too; this bottle of wine is almost finished." A-91 also followed unsteadily, without even a luggage bag besides her own equipment.

"Miss Helian, here are the daily patrol routes and customer-related information for Base 901." NZ75 solemnly handed the documents she had prepared overnight to Helian before taking her luggage with the others and walking out of Griffin Base's gate.

"Wait! I'll go with you! Familiarize yourself with the equipment here, and take a good look at this information. I'll be back soon." Seeing several tactical dolls quickly pick up their luggage and leave the gate, Helian hurriedly stopped NZ75, handed the things in her hand to the new commander behind her, and followed them.


"Yahoo! CF05! I'm here to join you!" Just arrived at the factory gate, P90 shouted excitedly.

The other tactical dolls weren't as lively as P90. They walked to the factory gate with Helian.

However, as soon as they arrived at the gate, what they saw inside the factory was nothing like the headquarters of a security contractor. There were no weapons or combat equipment; instead, various vehicle parts filled the space.

In the middle of the factory, there was a dismantled large semi-trailer truck, and blocking the entrance was a trailer that had been completely disassembled...


Isn't Reno a security contractor? What's going on here!? Repairing cars? Is that even within the scope of a security contractor's business!?

"Oh? This is quite a novel scene; it's the first time I've seen this. It's truly eye-opening," A-91 said while shaking the nearly empty wine bottle, looking for Simonov's figure.

"Commander! Griffin's acting agent Helian is here!" Without waiting for them to enter, CF05, who had learned from P90 that Helian had come, immediately waved and called out to Reno, who was lifting the truck engine with Nagant Revolver.

"Hmm? Nagant Revolver, I'll leave it to you here; I'll go over there." Hearing the call and seeing Helian standing at the gate in G&K's uniform, Reno raised an eyebrow. This was probably an unexpected but reasonable situation.

"Oh, okay, wow! This thing is really heavy!" As Reno released the chains holding the engine, Nagant Revolver immediately felt the weight increase in her hands. She quickly increased the output of her body while supporting the bottom of the engine block, and steadily placed it on the nearby stand.

While wiping his hands covered in grease, Reno walked past MG3, who was disassembling the hub, and came to Helian's side. "Long time no see, Helian. What brings you here today?"


Despite Reno's greeting and words spoken, Helian was in a daze, staring fixedly in disbelief at the direction behind Reno.

"Hmm? Hey, snap out of it!" Reno shook his hand in front of Helian's eyes, frowning.

"Ah! Um, hi, Reno, can I ask what's going on with Nagant Revolver over there? I just saw her single-handedly lifting a few hundred kilograms of truck engine."

What a joke!

She naturally knew about Nagant Revolver under Reno's command, the most common low-level tactical doll in G&K whose internal structural components were all the cheapest. The weight-bearing capacity definitely did not exceed 120 kilograms! Even lifting a robust adult would be a stretch, so how could she casually lift a truck engine weighing seven or eight hundred kilograms!?

"Hmm? Isn't that ordinary?" Hearing Helian's words, Reno raised an eyebrow, not directly answering.

'These dolls have been modified, right?' Although she didn't ask what she wanted to say next, the expression in Helian's eyes was extremely certain.

Because as Reno spoke, MG3, who was disassembling the truck tire tossed it like a plastic toy, making Helian suspect for a moment if the metal frame inside was thin enough to leave only a layer of metallic skin.

But the subsequent thunderous crash of the tire hitting the ground dispelled the illusion in her mind.

It's true that advanced dolls are stronger, but they're definitely not strong enough to pick up two truck tires with one hand and throw them two meters high...

"So, what brings you here? If it's just to bring them here... is there anything else?" You haven't been here for a long time, and now you're just standing here dazed after saying hello. Is my warehouse that interesting?


Hearing Reno's implicit hint to leave, Helian gave him an annoyed look and said,

"Just take care of yourself. Modifying dolls isn't something to show off about, and StateSec is already investigating what you did last night. Be careful, and be nicer to these dolls."

Originally, Helian had wanted to catch up with Reno, but she turned around and left in anger.

However, just a few steps away, she heard Reno suddenly call out to her, "Wait, Helian!"

Hearing Reno actively calling out to her, Helian's heart skipped a beat, and her originally annoyed mood instantly dissipated.

She forcibly concealed her emotions, put on a straight face, and turned her head back but before she managed to even speak...

"Don't forget yesterday's reward!"

"You!? Just wait and see! Hmph!"

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