Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast


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FIRST STORY [COMPLETED] When Lee Soohyun found herself being transmigrated into the novel she had read, she found herself being startled. Not only was she the useless cannon fodder, she also had to win the love of the villain, Han Minhyun. That was absolutely absurd! The name of Han Minhyun was enough to shudder, and with her lack of courage, there was no way she was willing to do something as dangerous as this. However, with her life at the stake, she had no option other than to follow by them and seduce Han Minhyun. But at the end, it seemed that things are not as they are in the surface. °°° SECOND STORY [ONGOING] Although she was baffled, Ryu Yoonmi was more excited when she learned that she had transmigrated into her favorite novel. After having a heartbreak on how the story ended, she wanted to set the things right after coming here. Firstly, she will prevent the death of the Second Male Lead— the character she idolizes— and then, alter the plot to make him end up with the female lead. As for the Male Lead— Min Eunwoo— she decided to make that scum suffer! After kidnapping the Female Lead and killing the Second Male Lead, the last thing he deserved was happiness! Even if that meant that she had to sacrifice six months of her life in order to get married with him! She would be able to do anything for her dear Second Male Lead's happiness! However, what happens when she learns that there was more to the story than she knows?

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