12 12. Speak up

Anna, in her past life, was independent. She loved to challenge herself and put her ability to the test by performing tasks above her capability even when she knew she might not succeed in doing it.

Hence, Anna decided to challenge herself. She wanted to know if she was really that useless. Anna also believed that might be able to succeed in pushing the chair with her useless hands, especially when she was eager to achieve something.

Anna closed her eyes, thinking about how desperate she was to see George. If she could pressure herself, her Brain might pick up and miracles could happen.

Anna held her breath, now sweating as she forced herself to at least move the push rings with her hands. "I want to see George," she grunted.

"I need to see…George," she muttered with gritted teeth. However, what Anna did not know was that she wasn't using her effort to move her hands but to clench her teeth.

Her Brain was just too damaged to pick up that fast. This was the reason the original Anna died.

Despite feeling dizzy and exhausted, Anna still tried her best and focused on moving her hands. Anna continued until moving her hands replaced her attempt to find George.

Little by little, Anna drained herself and before she knew it, she gave up and began to pant. "Ah!!" In frustration, she screamed.

Anna detested the state of being weak. It was making her feel so useless. The thought of being dependent made her sick.

But Anna found herself resting her head on the chair, catching her breath. Her hands were lying on the armrest. Anna failed to push herself out of the room.

While regaining her normal state, Anna turned her head to the window to see that darkness had covered the area. She wondered what the time was and let out a heavy sigh.

Anna's eyes fell on the floor and recollected that she moved the push rings but her hands suddenly stopped so there was still hope for her. She just had to try again!

Anna raised her head and looked at her thighs. She had even forgotten that she called for Wei Yan.

However, before Anna could struggle again, Wei Yan rushed it, crying, "Madam!"

Anna lifted her gaze in the direction of the voice and set her eyes on Wei Yan. Anna canceled her plan and focused on Wei Yan.

"Wei Yan!" Anna uttered. "I've called for you a long time ago," Anna announced.

Wei Yan gazed at Anna as if she heard an unknown language. "I'm sorry, Madam," Wei Yan bowed her head. "It won't…"

"Zhu Jia didn't tell you about it, right?" Anna asked, very sure that her thought was true.

"No," Wei Yan lied.

"I heard you were cooking, is that your job, Wei Yan?" Anna looked away, accepting Wei Yan's lie once again.

"Madam Feng Jin instructed me to cook. I'm sorry for not being available, Madam," Wei Yan didn't know but her heavy breath could be heard by Anna.

She sounded as if she had been running.

Anna drifted her gaze back to Wei Yan and stayed quiet for a while.

Wei Yan's hands were in front of her legs and when Anna's eyes fell on them, she saw bruises and furrowed her eyebrows.

"I wanted to see George," Anna broke the silence. "I don't see him around, did he leave?" Anna asked.

"Yes, Madam. He waited for you to be awake but as he had a lot to do, Master had to leave," Wei Yan answered.

"Oh," Anna nodded thoughtfully. "Tomorrow is Monday, I wonder if he'd even have time for me," Anna declared. Wei Yan didn't say anything about it.

"So you're going to be with me 24/7," Anna said.

"Yes, Madam."

"I don't want to have dinner at the dining area so please summon Zhu Jia and tell her that I want my food in my room."

"I can do that, Madam," Wei Yan couldn't picture herself telling Zhu Jia about it. She feared what Zhu Jia would do to her.

"No, I want you here with me so do that now and return as soon as possible," Anna ordered before gesturing to Wei Yan to take her close to the window.

Wei Yan worriedly pushed Madam's chair and stood behind Anna for a while. "I'll be back, Madam," and then Wei Yan turned and left the room.

Tears gushed out of her eyes but she wiped them off and walked down to the kitchen. Wei Yan had been punished by her mates again.

Wei Yan was exhausted from doing most of her mates' jobs all alone as well as cooking.

Zhu Jia was sitting in a chair located in the space that was spared for the maids.

Wei Yan entered the room, bringing silence because they all stopped talking about her when she walked in.

"Zhu…Jia," Wei Yan called, already trembling.

"Yes," Zhu Jia stood up and went to stand in front of Wei Yan who had her head facing the ground.

Some of the maids had retired from work and were already packing their bags to leave. Some maids were meant to stay in the house while some were to resume very early in the morning and retire in the evening.

Therefore, some of the maids were around, watching Zhu Jia bully Wei Yan.

"Speak up, Wei Yan, speak up!!" Zhu Jia had begun to tap her palms on Wei Yan's face before she could even speak.

"I told Madam that I can do it but she insisted that you bring her dinner to her room. This is the message Madam asked me to pass on to you. Now, I have to leave," It sounded as if Wei Yan said all these in one breath as the next moment, she turned around to leave.

Zhu Jia, however, didn't intend to let Wei Yan go just like that and Wei Yan was also aware of that but she only tried her luck.

And now it appeared that Wei Yan's luck was bad.

Zhu Jia pulled her by her hair, loosing the tight bun Wei Yan tied her hair into.

But even with this, Wei Yan was extremely bothered about what Madam must think of her because she did not return to Madam as soon as expected by Anna.

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