Transmigration: Miss Liu's Journey To The Past

Author: XiaoMeeHee
Fantasy Romance
Ongoing · 48.9K Views
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What is Transmigration: Miss Liu's Journey To The Past

Read Transmigration: Miss Liu's Journey To The Past novel written by the author XiaoMeeHee on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering comedy, transmigration, genius, beauty, possessive. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"To fully appreciate the crescendo of our own existence, we must sometimes embrace moments of silence. Such is the symphony of life." ~~~ Liu Xinyu has always lived by one motto: "Never give up." Despite facing numerous setbacks and challenges in life, she has persevered, always looking ahead with unwavering determination. However, after a life-altering accident leaves her feeling exhausted and adrift, she begins to question the purpose behind her relentless pursuit. In search of clarity and meaning, Liu Xinyu finds herself inexplicably transported more than two decades into the past, a time when her parents were young and unmarried. Looking at her young parents who looked more like enemies than lovers, Liu Xinyu felt like everything she knew was a lie. Stuck in the past, Liu Xinyu has to navigate the complexities of her parents' past and the implications it holds for her own identity. Join Liu Xinyu as she embarks on a journey to the past filled with mysteries and untold secrets. She must confront the long-buried family secrets, reconcile her conflicting emotions, and ultimately find the strength to redefine her sense of self and purpose along with a fanciful crime partner. TAGS::: #transmigration, #timetravel, #ghosts, #secrets, #90s, #strongprotagonist, #athleteprotagonist, #ghostfriends, #past, #hiddenidentities, #comedy, #familysecrets, #complexrelationships

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The title and the synopsis were enough to intrigue me toward this story. From the chapter one, I found how profoundly the story is written, the things which we even ask us sometimes once a while. I loved how the author created Fl's character, which make us relatable to her many of the points. I liked Ghostie "Yiyi". Their convo is comic and relaxing to read. This story is definitely something very different and unique. Looking forward for more! Btw, Best wishes Meehee for WSA🥰💜


Meehee come back with another promising story! I love family relationship and dynamics in Meehee’s stories. They always feel warm and cozy. I anticipated more profound wisdom from Meehee. I always learned things from her writing, it makes me ponder about life. Time travelling story seems like an exciting premise. I’m looking forward to how the story will play out.


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