Transmigration: Master Jiang's Hot Spy Wife

She was the government's deadliest secret weapon - a spy who lived by her wits and lethal skills. But when her little brother was kidnapped, even Bai Yunshu's training couldn't stop the shocking betrayal that cost her everything...including her life. Reborn into the body of bullied debutante Feng Ruoxi, Yunshu finds herself greeted by a cruel father, a venomous stepmother, and the last thing she ever expected - an elite fiancé from one of the nation's most powerful families! Jiang Yukang, her so-called husband-to-be, is as arrogant as he is gorgeous. But little does this prime catch realize his delicate doe-eyed bride is actually a fiery former spy with lethal skills and a whole new lease on life. What begins as a risky masquerade will soon become an unstoppable whirlwind of sizzling seduction, unraveling mysteries, and dark secrets best left untouched. Can Yunshu claim her rightful status as Master Jiang's hot spy wife while surviving the treacherous world of Kyoto's privileged elite? With her pulse-pounding survival skills and Jiang Yukang's mesmerizing talents in the bedchambers, this transmigrated soul is taking names and leaving a scorching trail of desire in her wake! No enemy can stop this reincarnated vixen from becoming the supreme don't-mess-with-me empress!

FlameWitch · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
124 Chs

A Revelation of Ties

The elegant office of Jiang Group buzzed with tension as Jiang Yukang sat behind his imposing desk, his eyes flicking between the clock and the door. Despite the stack of files demanding his attention, his mind wandered, anticipating the imminent arrival of Pang Zhong.

At precisely 10 am, the door swung open. Pang Zhong strode in, his younger brother Pang Zhihao following close behind. Yukang rose, extending his hand in a formal greeting.

"I thought you'd be here earlier," Yukang remarked, a hint of impatience in his tone.

Pang Zhong's lips curled into a slight smile. "Oh, just had a few things to take care of."

As they settled into their seats, Yukang's piercing gaze fixed on the Pang brothers. "Let's cut to the chase. What do you want with my wife?"

Pang Zhong chuckled, his demeanor relaxed despite the tension in the room. "I knew you wanted to discuss that. Your wife is very beautiful, but she's too young for me. I don't roll like that."