Transmigration: Life As A Ger In Ancient Times With My Mystical Snake Book

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Transmigration: Life As A Ger In Ancient Times With My Mystical Snake


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Xiao Ling who passed out and was at the mercy of a boss dungeon monster and being crushed to death open his eyes again to find himself laying in a leaky thatched cottage along with a man. The problem was that he should be crushed into paste and never open his eyes again after being stabbed in the back by his party members   “ Wh …. Who are you? “   The man sat up quietly wearing a hanfu which was worn out with Patches, he stared at Xiao Ling for a moment   “ wife … are you awake now? “   Xiao Ling’s eyes rolled backwards and he passed out, the man quietly placed a finger on Xiao Ling’sf forehead as if he was searching for something in Xiao Ling’s mind… the corners of his lips slightly curled up forming a smile before he retrieved his finger. Mc: Shou. Shadow Monarch. A bit Yandere with an easy to bully face, but very fierce as fuck when poke. Ml: Gong. Gentle but beastly, likes doting on our little shou. Gong isn't wonton who follows shou around like a lost puppy, although supports shou always and dots on him, but Gong likes to do things his ways too! Shou and Gong have tactical understanding and work alongside each other and see each other as equals. Spend 500 worth coins = 2 parts at once Spend 1000 worth coins = 3 parts at once Spend 5000 worth coins = 5 parts at once Spend 10000 worth coins = 7 parts at once Spend 15000 worth coins = 10 parts at once Find me on Discord: Hawa Kim#2294 Support me on: https://ko-fi.com/hawakim