689 At last, Princess Chi weds Professor Jun.

It was a marathon, from the royal palace to the cold city, onto the yacht and then the submarine. 

It was not widely known to many people but today was the official wedding day of Chi Lian and Jun Muyang, a day that both families had been looking forward to. 

Chi Lian was directly escorted to one of the bedrooms which had been turned into a dressing room. Yifei, Lili and some of her other friends were already waiting for her in there. 

"You are late." Yifei said. 

"Bath and make-up." Chi Lian dashed past her with only those words. 

Quickly, she bathed and came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. Her mother had also made it inside the bedroom, in her red and black hanfu, and she was anxiously counting down the seconds. 

"What do I do first?" Chi Lian asked as she was pulled by Rize and forced into a chair. 

"Hair." Rize said. 


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