Transmigration: Lady Chi Woos The Ice cold Professor Jun

When Chi Lian dies on her earth, she wakes up in the body of another girl with the same name as her on a different earth. One with empires and royal families. Poor and desperate to survive, she is bound to a virtual pet system that can access technology from its home planet for her to use. There is just one catch. The only job she can do is that of a paparazzo. From there, she is determined to build herself a media empire and take back what her family lost. Her main news worthy targets are the most wanted but hard to get bachelors of the empire. They are rich, handsome and the media is afraid of publishing their pictures and information. But somehow, Chi Lian manages to do the impossible, she takes their pictures all the time. Which woman would not pay for their exclusive pictures and news after all. One in particular attracts her the most, The cold CEO and Professor Jun Muyang who everyone says is cold to women. With her technology and wits, Chi Lian and her adopted daughter find all ways to invade his space and in the process, steal his heart. But just how far is she willing to go to melt professor Ice cube's heart and keep her competitors at a distance? All those women in the empire who wanted Jun Muyang were waiting eagerly for her rejection. But it would be a long wait. Week one..." Jun Muyang, I bought you these flowers." Jun Muyang: "Get lost." Year one..."Baby I need another kiss." Chi Lian..."Get lost." Other works. Transmigrating from a zombie world to become the mecha kings wife[ongoing]

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At last, Princess Chi weds Professor Jun.

It was a marathon, from the royal palace to the cold city, onto the yacht and then the submarine. 

It was not widely known to many people but today was the official wedding day of Chi Lian and Jun Muyang, a day that both families had been looking forward to. 

Chi Lian was directly escorted to one of the bedrooms which had been turned into a dressing room. Yifei, Lili and some of her other friends were already waiting for her in there. 

"You are late." Yifei said. 

"Bath and make-up." Chi Lian dashed past her with only those words. 

Quickly, she bathed and came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. Her mother had also made it inside the bedroom, in her red and black hanfu, and she was anxiously counting down the seconds. 

"What do I do first?" Chi Lian asked as she was pulled by Rize and forced into a chair. 

"Hair." Rize said.