Prologue: Life before transmigration.

Ripples of water from multiple buckets were seen as the buckets were overflowing with rainwater. The buckets of rainwater will be used for summer for gardening purposes, the Yi family started recycling rainwater quite a long time ago as water bills increased every time the hot summer hits.

The Yi family are just ordinary and contented type of people, with a little garden of vegetables at the back of their house and a herd of chickens that helps them wake up early in the morning as it also becomes their supply of eggs. Their house was simple. A house that could fit 10 people outmost with two floors. Not too big but not too small either. Just right.

The Yi family was known for being simple and practical. Even though the younglings of the household were too smart compared to their peers, and sometimes others called them genius, the adults never force the younglings to go to prestigious schools/universities for scholarships. But even though they have some geniuses in their family they never boast it to others and just continue their simple life. Because of this, The Yi Households were loved and appreciated by their neighbors and friends.

These characteristics of the Yi are what Yi YeBai love the most. He was grateful to be surrounded by great people and a loving family that accepted his sexuality, even though some of his relatives hate the fact that he is bisexual - according to them its unnatural and a sin- He's not bothered by their judgemental glances and hurtful words because what was the most important to him was that he is loved by his family and was accepted.

" YeBai! could you please prepare Meili's and Meihui's things and the others or else they'll be late for school." His mother, Yi Hua-Ying, yelled from the living room as she starts preparing her kids' lunch boxes and shoes, lining up neatly from smaller to bigger. YeBai, being the eldest amongst the seven kids, took the bags of his younger siblings from the shelves, from small flowery and cartoonish design to simple yet could be considered a cool design. He took the smaller ones first and put the bags behind the shoes of each owner as he also gets his briefcase from the shelves as he also wears his socks and shoes on.

Soon after multiple footsteps from the stairs and slamming doors could be heard from above as giggles and grunts of annoyance were heard as seconds go by.

"First!!" The identical twin girls say at the same time, their name was Yi Meili and Yi Meihui, Yi Meila being the big sister. The youngest and the babies of the Yi household. The twins were soon followed by both teenage looking twins. The teenage girl, Yi AnHua, has a sleepy expression, similar to her twin brother, Yi AnHuang, who was almost leaning his weight to his sister as drools almost on her brand new uniform. Before the drool landed on the velvety black uniform, Yi AnHua has pushed her brother to the floor making his soul almost left his body as his face planted firmly on the hard wooden ground. The baby twins laugh while Yi AnHua made a 'believable' pain expression as she looks at her mother as if she was the one who got hurt.

"Mother, I think I have stomach cramps, can I skip for today?" She asked with pitiful eyes with AnHuang, long forgotten on the floor, checks his nose if it's still intact. Yi YeBai shook his head as he wore his circular, yet stylish, eyeglasses. "I am not falling for that excuse young lady, go get your bags and wear your shoes. " She says firmly as she assists the little girls to wear their shoes and bags. The two kissed their mother with thank you's as AnHuang dramatically wipes his nose as if checking for nosebleed. " Mom I think I'll have a nosebleed soon, can i go back to bed? "

" No you will not have a nosebleed son so get up and get your things, your older brother will be late to his work if you don't get your arse ready" Yi Hua-Ying says with eyes that says' one more word and I will deduct your allowance for the week' , which made the older twins to move.

"Mom how about those three?"

"Xiao Bai'Li, MoJiang, and MoLian will have their classes a little bit later, you don't have to be their chauffeur and just focus on your work okay? I heard you have a big project on the way so focus more on that. I will handle things here" Yi Hua-Ying says as she kisses goodbye to YeBai .

"Ewww Ma!" YeBai says as he made a disgusting face making his mother laugh as she pushes him to go. YeBai walks towards a plain white van as he open the doors and went inside to start the engine.

"Bye Kids! Take care. Xiao Meili make sure your twin sister wont eat her crayons or anything that is unedible"

"Aye Aye!" Meili made a salute before she went inside the car with

"And Xiao AnHua, make sure your brother wont sleep in class okay?!"

" I don't do free labor!" she yelled as the engine starts to come to life.

" You'll have a box of pudding later" Yi Hua-Ying promised with a smile on her face

"You can count on me Ma! Love you" AnHua shouted back as they soon departed

Yi Hua-Ying watches the white van departed until she cannot see a glimpse of it. She went inside with a content and happy smile planted on her face.


" Take care Xiao Mei, make sure to keep an aye on you little sister okay? And Xiao Hui don't eat your crayons" Yi YeBai reminded his two little sisters as he kisses the top of their head. The two princess salute to him in understanding before they kisses their brother on the cheeks and then two give An Hua and An Huang flying kiss. The two catches the invisible kiss in the air as they do the same thing to Meilin and MeiHui, making the two giggle before they head out, running towards the school excitedly.

The three departed and went to their next destination.

Soon after, An Hua and An Huang bid their goodbyes to their brother as they also wish him goodluck for his work. YeBai smiled at the parting backs of his brother and sister as he went off towards to his workplace. after about 10 mins of travel, he arrived at average looking building with about 30 to 40 floor at most. but even though the company he is working at looks simple the salary they gave for every employee were more than average and fair.

YeBai went to the parking lot but luckily he found a space for his car. He immediately park his car in the given space. He went out of his van as he adjust his necktie before he walk towards the entrance of the said company.

"*sigh* time for work" he mumbled through his breath as he walks with his briefcase on his hand and a phone to the other.

===4 hours later===

"Mr.Yi wanna grab some lunch with us?" a female co-worker says with a tint of blush on his cheeks, even though the Yi family live such a simple life, their moral manners and appearance says otherwise. Infact when YeBai was still a newbie in the company, both women and men tries to get close and be friended with YeBai but mostly wanted to hit on him which he rejected all of them politely.

"Thanks Ms. Fe, but I wouldn't be able to eat lunch at this point" He says with a smile yet his gaze didn't leave the monitor as continues clicking of mouse and keyboard could be heard, Ms. Fe smiles and says " Do you want us to grab you something? It's not healthy to skip meals you know." she says persistently. YeBai looks up at her as his circular glasses were on the tips of his nose. He pulls up the glasses with his middle finger as he smiles to Ms. Fe who almost have a nosebleed because of his charms that he was oblivious at.

" Two bobba tea with extra pearls will be great" he says with smile as he went back to his screen. Ms. Fe blushes at the smile as she nodded widely and leave the office in rush.

The co-workers who saw this scene made them shook their heads with helpless sigh/smile.

'You're so oblivious. You need to learn how your charms could swoon anyone, YeBai' they thought with a sigh escape their lips as some also leave the offices for lunch while others stays, either to eat their lunch on their desk or just want to continue their works like Yebai.

YeBai continues to write down his article about a small celebrity scandal.

'An annonymous paparazzi caught Fang Zhao, 'kissing someone' by the roof of abandoned school in XXX resident. The announymous paparazzi said that he happens to play with his camera until he found Fang Zhao kissing tge said 'someone'. Many fans of Fang Zhao and netizens did not believe the paparazzi as they also caught a big time celebrities doing drugs or having s*x. These two specific categories are their specialty.

Fang Zhao denies that he was that in the picture but his fans don't believe at him anymore.'

He was intranced with the article he was doing as he soon finish his work, he did not even realize the bobba tea on his table.

' Only small touch ups and re-reading, and i'm done ' He thought as he stretches his limbs upward to relieve the stiffness. He yawns as his eyelids waters. He look at the wall clock to check the time. '3:15 ? I didn't even notice the time.' He thought as he took the bobba tea and stab it with the straw, satisfied that he perfectly landed it on the circle in the middle. He took a sip of the beverage, sighing contentment as he took a bite of his left over sandwich.

" Mr. Yi the Magazine Department needs some assistance right now, would you able to help for a bit" A co-worker says in the doorway. YeBai nodded at him " Yeah! Im done anyway, just give me a minute. " He says as he took his sandwich and his bobba tea. The co-worker waves his hand as he walks away. YeBai follows soon after.

YeBai went to the stairs as he shove the halve sandwich to his mouth, chewing a little bit before he drink his bobba tea, as he sips the straw as it got clogged by the black pearls. With the sandwich still in his mouth, he slurps and slurps to get that tasty liquid and to his annoyance the clogged pearls was stubborn.

'Wtf is wrong with this pearl, is this uncooked?' He thought. He exhale all his air out and inhale his hardest, trying to sip in the clogged pearl. He succeed soon after but what he doesnt expect was a couple of pearls decided to clogged his throat, completely clogging his air ways. He tries to inhale but it only worsen. He leans on the wall as he punches his chest, his face turning bluish red as he hopes someone will walk in the stairs. He punches his chest repeatedly trying to find relieve as his sights turnings blurry.

And two minutes after, he passed out. With his happy memories and smiles of his family flashing through his last seconds.

'Mom, I think will be with dad soon, I love you all' He says goodbye in his mind as his view turns completely black.

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