1 C1.First Transmigration Arc 1: Too much trouble



The night in the city Z was buzzing and bright, filled with night shifters workers and people who enjoy the view the most at night, especially those people who enjoy the street foods. The city offers a bunch of different kinds of street foods around. Sian Continent was rich both in spices and wealth.

But lets not discuss that. Inside a luxurious penthouse, two men on a soft cloud of bed were at each others' skin. The tan skinned man with still his white sleeves on and and necktie, thrusting his hips rather slowly yet rough. His earlier clean styled hair were disheveled and sweaty. His breath rug as he slowly slide inside the hot pink cavern, excess of slimy white liquid as if shinning, as the man's thick member fills the craving hole.

The smaller one was a moaning mess. Full of kiss marks and bites on his back. Like a white canvas was finally painted by a great artist, it was indeed a masterpiece to the man's eyes, as he observe the shivering man below him, thrusting harder and deeper making the smaller man arch his back in delight. His mouth forms an O shape as his silent scream while his channel tightening around the hard pulsing head making the older groan above him, knitting his sharp brows as his cold blue eyes filled with lust and hunger, wanting the smaller man's body than ever before.

The smaller and sexy looking man below him moans. His breath shivering and harbored as he clench the pillow next to him. His pale skin were now pink and full of red marks every inch of his body, possessively. His brown curly hair were messy and has some slimy white seed on it. Adding by his sticky sweat, proving just how long they've been doing their deed. His throat hurts and dry as his neck full of kiss marks and a red-ish handprint that almost looks like it hurt. Yet he loves it. Every inch of this man and Everything he does to his body, he loves it. He loves pain the most during sex.

His prostrate suddenly got abused again, gasping a mouthful of air as he felt his body getting rocked faster that he did not even felt himself being turn and lifted, clutching on the man's jack biceps and neck as his legs locks through the mans' hips. He moans, gripping the mans' hair as he clench the bigger man's bicep, completely destroying the expensive sleeves. His body turning limp at the man's hurried thrusts that abused his cherry wondrously, moaning and gasping for air.

" Fuck.. ahhh~ no more pl- I can't-" He tries between the fast paced thrusts as his limp body being rocked up and down. "nghoo mor- to mushhh" he said incoherently and messily making the stronger man chuckles as he nips the others ear until it bleed making the other moans as cum shots through his painfully full member, staining the handsome man's sleeves. He tsk'ed as he thrust harder, putting both his hands on the smaller one's bubble butt tightly, leaving a mark.

" Who says you can cum already? " he whispers through his left ear and licks it, knowing it's the other's weak spot as he continue to rampage the pink cavern. His hold to the brunette's red and bubbly ass were tighter as if he was forcing himself not to release his seed inside the hot cavern.

" I'm- Ahhh! please!" He begs but the other ignores him as the bigger man continues to abuse his prostrate making his moans gets louder for the last time, shivers runs through his spine deliciously. He felt the other twitch inside of him as the muscled man soon shot his cum inside the hot channel, groaning before the brunette pass out in bliss.

^ ^

YeBai felt himself woking up from a cloud-like bed. Soft blankets surrounding his body, comforting his body a bit except his aching hole and hips. He took off the clean white blanket that covers his body as he examines his supposed pale skin. Red handprints around his hips and thighs were still visible as bite barks around his inner thighs stings. He saw a hand print on both of his ankles that were redder than those on his hips. He felt his back and shoulder stings from bite marks as his chest littered with hickeys. Ears were also painful. He felt his every inch of his body as if being pricked with cold needle whilst his lower part were tearing apart!

' just what the heck happened? ' He thought to himself as he tries to sits up carefully, wishing to not hurt his already tearing lower body yet he fails miserably making him groan in pain. He waited for a few minutes to relax yet his memories says otherwise. The memories flashes of what he did and says to a stranger man as they do the deed. He suddenly, and stupidly, sits up hurting his hips more than ever making him groan in pain as he massage his hips yet his face still burns up and full of red. he felt his throat aches, his insides aches and full of cum as it leaks out of his now pink and swollen hole. His blushing face turns redder and redder until he completely remember the 'shameful' memory.

' Yes harder! more!'

'Sir! please hah~! '

' No moreee! something's comming out- Ahhh!'

He remembers it all. The shameful demands and high pitch moans he never knew he could muster. His hips bouncing up and down as his hands grip the thicker thighs of the man as he shamefully bounces, completely showing his 'ding dong' and marks. The shameful 69 and other positions that he did not even know exists.

His face was red as a ripe tomato whilst his ears steams as if spelling it as shame.

" Mom what have I become, I did not even know I'm into that! " he mumbles in shame and as if in cue. He suddenly remembers that he already died. He even felt his felt his body turning cold as his happiest memories flashes through his mind like an anesthesia through his death. And then... He was suddenly getting fucked!

He could not even have a time to recall what happen as he was already getting fucked by some beast who can't understand stop and no more!

He felt his face burning up again at the thought.

" Really how did I even get in here? such a luxurious place... am I dreaming even though I died already?"


As if hearing his confuse thoughts, a bell like sound rings inside his head making him wince painfully at how loud it was as it was followed by a monotone and kind of robotic yet deep voice.

( " Host, welcome to the World of fate. I will be your guide as you complete missions to the other worlds and realms. This system is happy you arrive" ) a monotone and kinda deep voice says out of nowhere. YeBai searches voice around the room despite his aching neck, well his whole body obviously, caused by a love bite and all night of roughness.

' Host? worlds/realms? system? what the f*ck is happening ? Didn't I just died earlier, then why am I here?' He thought to himself as he searches the voice, from under the bed, under the blanket, to inside the pillows. As if reading YeBai's thoughts, the said system clears its throat and says

(' The host was indeed got a chance to live again. Like you, people who have a bright future ahead and suddenly died due to a 'ripple' , which was so rare, was given a chance to let them live yet different from other.') The system says inside Yebai's head in monotone voice yet still sounds like a human.

"Where are you? What chances? "

( ' This system is on the dimensional space that the higher ups provided for future purposes. This system will explain further. The higher beings test a soul that has experience ripple to its every life it run even after reincarnation. The higher ups may and may not know that a soul got a ripple and in order to make sure, the soul has to die at the same day, time(but different era), place and age three times. The soul must have the same appearance and must have the brightest future ahead, yet died in the lamest way. In order to stop this ripple the higher ups gave you the chance to live eternally. But there's a condition for this blessing.' )

'sounds like a neverending work for me' YeBai thought to himself.

YeBai stares dazely on his lap as if thinking deeply. But in reality, he was having a hard time coping and sinking in the information that was given to him. His head ache worsening by the second passes. He clench his hair to comfort his headache. The 'so-called system' quietly watching its host suffering from -hard to cope informations- crisis. The system pursed its thin lips as he spoke

( ' Does host wants to rest first in the dimension before I explain everything to host or? ' )

"explain to me know, time is valuable when I am at a foreign...world" YeBai says with clench teeth, trying to surpass his curses that'd been trying to come out. Curses that only reserved for those so called higher ups. The system nodded its head as he look at a holographic thingy in front of him where he could see his new host in highest HD.

( ' The host's must change the fate of those who will be 'unfortunate' in the future. And in order to not let it happen, the host must step up and act as if he's the person and eradicate the causes of the unfortunate life of the person. The broken soul of the person will be healed in the dimension that the higher ups had provided, and as the soul is healing, the host must continue to live as the person until the mission succeed and until then that was when only the host is able to leave the body, unless the soul was too damage and has to go through reincarnation to have a promised happy life, that is only when host will have to die naturally before the host's leave. ' )

" That's so much trouble. Anything else for me to know? "

( ' Yes host, The systems over all role was to not let the host fail through his mission, give everything that is needed for the mission, and informing hosts of the plots and incoming danger, and etc. The higher ups also provided every hosts skills that would help the host throughout the mission such as acting and intelligence/scheming. Other skills may be brought through the skill shop. In order to buy something from the shop, the host must have enough points that only be collected through completing the main mission and side missions (as extra) . And finally, after one hundred successes, the higher ups will grant you wishes. ' )

" So much information...and work. "

( ' And also, host and I can communicate through our minds as we are link through a contract. ' )

' why would you only tell it now? ' YeBai thought as his headache worsening. Noting to himself to give a scolding the so called system but he disregard the idea in no time, how could he scold the system in first meeting?. Well he could do that some other time.


( ' Yes host. ' )

' how much is the difference the time here if I rest in the dimensional thingy for a day? And also please explain the plot after I rests ' YeBai asks the system in his mind, though he felt ridiculous by doing it.

( ' A day in the dimension is equivalent to 10 seconds in every time of realms/world ' )

' Get me inside the dimension now ' YeBai demanded with a face of, later and no is not a word '


* Ripple* somewhat like a undetectable and uncurable curse that clings to the soul, even after reincarnation.

*Higher ups* gods or a very powerful being that created the systems and this game like program for rippled souls.

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