9 C.9 First Transmigration Arc 1: Getting Embarrass every time I'm with Him


LiJu, who was shirtless, flexing his sculpted-like pecs and biceps as his pyjama was so low that his delicious navel was seen. Since he was at home he didn't have to worry about what he was wearing, he could even walk naked around the house but since Zhou XiuYing is here, he was kind enough to not scare the other with his dingdong swinging whenever he walks.

He walked through the kitchen to get some kettle's popcorn. He opened the refrigerator to get a soda , for Zhou XiuYing since the other did not like beer, and a beer for himself. He shivers from the cold air of the refrigerator and quickly takes the soda and beer as he slams the door shut and goes to the film room, carrying the two flavoured popcorn and the drinks.

When he arrived, he put his finger on the fingerprint scanner and let it scan for three seconds. As he opens the door, he hears quiet whimpers from the inside. At first he was creeped out thinking it might be a ghost but then he remembered Zhou XiuYing was inside. He quickly went inside the film room as he gently closed the door to not make some unwanted noise and startle the other. He walked towards the cuddle seat with a worried expression on his face as his bare feet brushing through the furred carpet while he walks towards the crying man. He put the foods on the furred carpet not minding it being wet as he took a seat besides Zhou XiuYing, who did not even notice the other's presence that was already beside him. 

' What happened? ' LiJu wanted to ask out loud yet he couldn't as the other was obviously having a moment of himself. Instead he observes the other first— Zhou XiuYing's eyes were shut as he hugged his knees to his chest. His trembling form and silent whimpers made LiJu's heart felt uncomfortable as he watched the other cry. He couldn't take the uncomfortable feeling in his heart as he watched him cry, so he pulled him in his arms and put the other on his lap. Zhou XiuYing was startled at first and even put up a fight but relaxes as he realises it was actually LiJu. Zhou XiuYing's right hand was on the other's tan kissed chest as the other one was on LiJu's mouth watering pecs. But he did not mind where his hands were at the moment as he stared at the other's ocean eyes that were looking at him filled with worry and bothered. 

Zhou XiuYing also stared at him with puffed eyes as his chocolate orbs shone as his unshed tears gave an illusion of a bullied puppy. " What are you doing? " He hiccuped and looked away at the man's gaze full of worry, LiJu carries gently Zhou XiuYing's wet cheeks that were turned pinkish due to his crying, as he wiped it dry with a tissue he took from the table beside him. LiJu put the tissue on his nose as he motions the other to blow, Zhou XiuYing— who suddenly felt like a kid was comforted by his mom after crying for hours— burst into tears ,unexpectedly ,and hugged the shirtless man in front of him, not minding his snot dripping on the other's bare skin. LiJu, who was supposed to feel disgusted at the other's snot, comforted Zhou XiuYing instead, who was wailing like a kid and let him cry to his heart's content, even though he was dead curious of why his XiuYing was crying, he still let him cry because he knew that asking right now would make it even worse and would probably make the other not to tell him instead. So he waited inside the film room comforting his XiuYing in his embrace for minutes while his heart also starts to feel a bit heavy. But he doesn't mind that uncomfortable feeling, he instead focuses his goal on calming and comforting the other until his XiuYing feels better after crying his eyes out.

After like twenty minutes or so, LiJu still hugged the other who was only hiccuping at the moment with no tears to cry out anymore and was now hiding his face on LiJu's neck while his hand was placed on LiJu's waist. Zhou XiuYing — slash YeBai — felt so embarrassed to be seen and comforted by the Male Lead himself. He doesn't know why his brain only realises that he's already dead, that he wouldn't meet his family ever again. This thought of his made him want to cry like a baby again but he stopped himself so as not to embarrass himself again. He hasn't started on seducing the Male Lead yet and here he was, on the said male lead, a.k.a LiJu, still hugging him.

He doesn't know what to do or to say as he was ashamed of himself to be caught like that, 'alright another moment that will completely haunt me for the rest of my life...well maybe eternally. I just hope that Sullivan isn't watching me right now because that would be really embarrassing. ' He thought as he was even considering of going back to the Space after this mission.

" Do you want me to get you some milk or water? '' LiJu asked when he felt that his XiuYing was already calm as he offered. LiJu, who noticed Zhou XiuYing that he might be thinking about something, or just a bit slow, waited patiently. Zhou XiuYing removes himself from LiJu's neck and faces the other. " Warm milk, please" he replies with a slightly hoarse throat and puffy eyes. Now he really looks like a bullied golden retriever, LiJu who thought of that chuckles a bit as he kisses his XiuYing red nose and then pecks his soft pink lips, startling the other as he soon blushes. YeBai who is acting, mind you before you actually forgot, hides himself again on the Male Lead's bare neck and hugs his waist.

" Let's go take some together, " he said with his red ear tips, attempting to hide the blush, attempting to act shy and cute at him . But LiJu interpreted it somewhat different than what he wants to convey, instead LiJu thought that his XiuYing doesn't want to be alone in the film room after thinking of sad thoughts and blah blah blah– nodded his head as he place his XiuYing in his arms securely before he gets up.

Zhou XiuYing wrapped his arms on LiJu's wide shoulders as he felt a few deep scratches from their last love making. He once again felt embarrassed as the memory replays inside his mind. Something must be wrong with him as he keeps getting embarrassed everytime he and LiJu are in the same room. If he didn't transmigrate in the middle of the client's and male lead's love making then he wouldn't be like this everytime.

LiJu on the other hand walks his way out of the film room, with his YingYing clinging to his arms, he couldn't but think of what happened earlier in the film room. Why did he suddenly cry like that? Did someone bully him? Well that's impossible because the two of them were only inside the penthouse...maybe he remembered something sad that made him cry, but why would he cry so hard like that if it's just a memory? 

" Please don't ask. I might cry again " his YingYing said out of the blue making him look at him, though he could only see his curly brown hair, surprise evident at his eyes but nodded nothenless. His YingYing rubs his face on his neck as his reply as LiJu patted his soft curly locks and ran through the brown silky strands. 

" Almond or fresh milk?" He asked instead as he put his YingYing on the island and he opened the refrigerator, releasing cold air from the appliance as he searched for fresh milk. 

"Anything is fine" Zhou XiuYing—who became someone's YingYing as a nickname coming from a certain someone– 

" You might get a cold, LiJu, you should wear some robes on," Zhou XiuYing says with a 'worried' tone in his voice. LiJu turned around to see the 'worried' face of his YingYing and then continued his search for fresh milk. He might be rich, but like anyone else– his refrigerator is the messiest in the house. " I will later when he comes back in the film room–found it" he put some fresh milk in a huge mug and put it in the microwave to reheat it. He also took a jar of cookies and waited. 

He took the milk once the microwave's done with its job, as he put the milk and the cookies on the small tray and motions his YingYing to follow him to the film room.

" Sir…" LiJu looks at his YingYing only to see him blushing, he looks like a sweet cherry that's waiting to be eaten. His lust again was trying to overcome his sanity but luckily he's in complete control of himself and a man of his word– that they wouldn't do it today–. He looked at his blushing YingYing in front of him. The said YingYing jumped off the island and walked towards the male lead.

His face was red as a ripe tomato as he paused a bit, as if contemplating something. He looked at the man's blue eyes as he gets closer and assisted the man's hands that were holding the tray. The said somebody's YingYing stood on his tippy toes as he closed his eyes shut and leaned his head closer on the taller one's lips. Attempting to kiss him.

But unfortunately for him. His efforts were in vain as he couldn't reach the other. Even though he felt very embarrassed, he opened his eyes only to see the teasing look of LiJu. His smirks form into a teasing smile as he looks at the chocolate orbs in front of him that were full of embarrassment and shame. He looked at the other's pursed lip and then to Zhou XiuYing's eyes again as if mocking him through his looks. YeBai, who's very ashamed of what he did, gives up on his tippy toes and looks away from the male lead. 

He was about to walk out of the awkward situation but what he did not expects of LiJu was to suddenly kiss him with their tongues.

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