17 C.15 First Transmigration Arc 1: Bath Tub Scene part 1

The day has almost passed and it's almost time for dinner. A peaceful night it is, no lewd flirting, no sex, just cuddles and wholesome bonding were what they've done for the day. The two were actually just cuddling right now on one of the large sofas LiJu owns, in the living room, watching some random shows with a pizza on the table in front of them as their dinner. Zhou XiuYing leaned his head on the pillow he's hugging while LiJu's arms were wrapped around his small waist as his yingying leaning his back to his, between his legs.

LiJu was not actually watching the show but he was watching the person he was hugging in front of him as the other fought himself to not ooze off through the show, he chuckles silently at the scene as he watches his YingYing bobbing his head and then suddenly waking up. LiJu nears to the side as sneakily as possible and wraps the blanket around their body. Zhou XiuYing- YeBai- who was actually sleepy and was not acting startled up and looked at LiJu with a confused look, not expecting his presence. LiJu meets his gaze with a soft gaze as he puts his large hands on the side of Zhou XiuYing's head, pulling it to his shoulder making him lean back on his shoulder.

He looks back at the screen leaving Zhou XiuYing in trance and confused as he looks up, watching the man in front of him who was awkwardly watching the show.

[ I did not expect this development…does he actually like the client before all of this and was just denying his feelings, or just oblivious? This development is way to soon , in my opinion. ] YeBai thought with his telepathy as he asked Sullivan along the way.

{ I cannot answer, host. The plots and the missions are the only things I could tell you, anything else is all on you. } Sullivan says honestly, and if he ever knew he still wouldn't tell him, or even able to tell YeBai as the Higher Ups had their - the systems' - throats. To put it simply he'll have a virus and have a chance that the higher ups will change their hosts, and both of them will be suspended for 10 years in the space room.

Truthfully, that actually sucks since they've been getting along quite better than they've thought.

[ It's fine ] he replies through their telepathic link as he relaxes on LiJu's shoulder so he could sleep comfortably, not minding LiJu tensing up a bit as well the other's heart beat thumping pretty loudly that even he could hear. But he did not bother anymore as he slept comfortably in the other's embrace.

The male lead on the other hand, felt his face heating up as panicking voices echoes in his mind, heck he bet that the sleeping beauty in his arms could hear his heart thumping way too loud than normal.

' What is happening to me?'

'Why am I feeling shy all of the sudden? '

' I, Yang LiJu, acting like a teenage boy who got noticed by his crush, feeling shy for no reason…me?!' he thought as he couldn't believe himself as his cheeks continued to heats up like a hormonal teen. Zhou XiuYing leans comfortably at the male lead's embrace as his consciousness starts to slip through. His breathing evening with his parted kissable pink lips' that is quite tempting for LiJu. LiJus stares at the sleeping beauty in his arms

He looks down as he feels the other's breathing as he observes the other's face. Long black lashes curled up as his slanted eyes closed. Even his nose, how could a nose be cute? Buttoned nose as his cheeks turned rosy at the cold breeze of the AC. His curly brown hair was dishevelled as baby hairs landed on his smooth white temple while some reached his eyebrows. LiJu removes the baby hair away from his delicate forehead, leaning down to steal a kiss to his plump pink lips. His lips moves gently and slowly to not wake up the other before he leans back. He touched Zhou XiuYing's swollen lips appreciating the masterpiece he made as he softly caressed his cheek with eyes full of adore and hearts that he didn't realize he's having.

Indeed LiJu is falling in love for the second time. And he did not even realize that yet.

Yang LiJu sighs as he wraps the soft blanket on the other's body securely before he carries him back to 'their' bed, he's even considering it as their bed, as he listens to the other's sleepy snores.

He puts the sleeping beauty on the mattress as he rearrange the pillows to make him comfortable before he completely lays his Zhou XiuYing on their bed. He was about to walk away of the bed, to take some warm half bath, stops when he felt the hem of his shirt being held. He turns around and saw him waking up as Zhou XiuYing rubs his eyes cutely like a kid waking up after a long nap.

LiJu smiles softly at the cute man in front of him as he removes the other's hand on his shirt. "Hmm?" He asked as he waited for the other to reply.

"Where are you going?" He yawns as he looks at LiJu with sleepy eyes.

"Going to have a half bath, wanna join?" LiJu asks softly as he observes the other slumping his shoulder as he thinks sleepily, "Do we still have bubble bath ball?" He asks with his eyes full of expectation even though he's sleepy.

" I think we still have a scented rosemary one" he said as a reply. Zhou XiuYing smiles as he raises his arms, indicating that he wanted him to carry him to the bathroom. LiJu rolls his eyes with a smile on his face thinking how Zhou XiuYing looks cute when he gets clingy. This is a rare occurrence of him being clingy since both of them made a clear boundary line between them. He leans down a little as Zhou XiuYing wraps his arms on the bigger man's neck. Liju grabs XiuYing's ass and back as he assists the other to get comfortable in his arms, letting the other hide his face on his neck as he felt the other sniffing his scent a couple of times before getting back to sleep.

LiJu chuckles at his cute antics as he thought that his YingYing seems to be clingy after 3 days. It's like their boundary towards each other decreases as they spend time together.

Light snores were all he could hear as he walked towards the bathroom with a grown man in his arms sleeping comfortably like a new born baby.

On the other hand, Sullivan who was watching at the holographic screen with a popcorn on his hand as if he was watching some movie in the cinema, shook his head sideways as if disappointed but really not.

' so hard to get, he keeps saying that he plans this and he hates that he's like that and blah blah blah when he let the man carry him like that, even letting him kiss him. *rolls eyes* such a hard to get in denial host' he thought as he kept watching LiJu open the tap into a warm one as he let it fill the tub. He put Zhou XiuYing on the toilet as he undressed the other. After he finished undressing him, he shook him gently awake with his shoulders

"Wake up YingYing the tub is about to get ready." He said with a gentle tone as he wake the other. Zhou XiuYing watches the other for a second before he leans down to kiss the other's thin lips, making LiJu tense as he did not think his YingYing would kiss him out of the blue.

"Thank you" the other whispers before he sits up and sleepily heads into the tub with the scented bubble bath ball in his hand. He watches the ball sizzle on the water as scents of lavender fill his nostrils. He noticed that the other was still sitting in front of the toilet dumbfounded, making him frown in confusion. "Aren't you going to join me? " he asks, startling the dazed man, nodded in reply. LiJu stood up from trance and also started to undress in front of Zhou XiuYing as the other just stared at him while he stripped.

'Guess roles are reversed now….just kidding' he thought positively at first but then he saw the other's soft member, still looking like that even its soft, he can't help but be a bit bitter and compare his past life to LiJu's. He pouted at the thought and regrets to even think about it.

" Why are you looking at my dick like that?" LiJu couldn't help but notice at how the other's disappointment fills the other's eyes.

'Is he hoping for it to be hard? Did he want to do it right now?' He thought as he observed the other's face becoming red as a tomato, but eyes were still on his large snake, when his YingYing realised that he stared quite long enough at the other's snake, looked away with a tomato face. He chuckles as he also gets inside of the tub, in front of the living tomato, and takes the other's delicate hand and guides it to his slightly hardened penis.

When Zhou XiuYing felt the other's awakening snake, he jerk his hand away in shock as he looks at the LiJu's playful ocean orbs yet he could clearly see that he was also getting into it right now. Even on how he hides it with his playful gaze, he could feel it piercing through his being.

LiJu chuckles at his reaction as his lips forms a teasing smirk. "What? I thought you wanted to play with it a little, no? Or do you just want to see it hard? If that's the case then it's your responsibility to make it stand hard… just for you" he teases as he leans at the other's ear whispering the last words on the sensitive ear before he bites it as if he was eating his favorite meal.

"You should take responsibility for making me feel this way, YingYing"

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