169 Xue Bai Interrupts the Stereotypical Plot

Xue Bai Interrupts the Stereotypical Plot

"Oi, old man, aren't you being too disrespectful? Aren't old fogeys like you supposed to love the younger generation for more than their own lives? Why are you sending off the greatest being in this puny continent's history just because he is too unfathomable? If anything, the fact that you couldn't see through him with your eyes is a greater reason for you to bring him in." Liu Mei asked as she cracked her knuckles once more.

Though her words were to the point and thorough, she still didn't like to talk so much. So the second the Head Instructor disagreed, she planned to go back to her roots.

Besides the implicit threat of physical violence, Liu Mei also looked over at the vegetable cosplaying Long Zhenyu, implying that the old man wouldn't end up much different if he disagreed.


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