178 Liu Mei gave the Black-Robed Students Green Hats

Liu Mei gave the Black-Robed Students Green Hats

After Xue Bai left Feng Hai's home, he didn't sightsee or try to socialize with anyone but rather went right back to his own courtyard.

The sun was starting to set, and Xue Bai wanted to cultivate for the night.

So after a few activations of his physique, he got right back to his own courtyard, where, to his confusion, he saw a small crowd gathering up.

Curious, Xue Bai deactivated his physique and returned to the plan of reality to see what was happening. But once he got closer, he realized the group of people outside his courtyard wasn't a peaceful crowd but a raging mob.

"Arrogant woman! Come out now!" The crowd shouted in anger toward Xue Bai's courtyard.

Seeing this, Xue Bai had a faint idea of what was happening, but he was still confused about how the hell Liu Mei managed to get the public's ire so quickly.


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