179 Information about the Immortal World

Information about the Immortal World

'First Heaven?' Xue Bai was confused at the odd noun that Liu Mei used. 

'I remember Senior Huli saying that the Void Fox Emperor ruled an entire Heaven by himself. Is the First Heaven the one he was talking about?' 

While his time with Huli Jing was short, the man had indirectly told Xue Bai many things about the Immortal World. However, since Xue Bai didn't even have a basic grasp of it, most of the information he got was cryptic.

So when Liu Mei said the First Heaven, Xue Bai finally got a slight clue about how the Immortal Realm was structured.

"What do you mean what was the First Heaven like? Aren't all of them the same?" Xue Bai asked as he tried to fish more information out of the eagle.

Liu Mei didn't know that Xue Bai didn't even know a single fact about the Immortal World, so rather than getting suspicious of his ignorant question, she instead answered it.


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