173 Having a Laugh

Having a Laugh

The two men were instantly sent into an agitated frenzy, and their once polite smiles and goodwill were tossed out the window.

"Hey Brat, we only called you Brother out of politeness and because our Boss wanted to graciously recruit you! Don't think for a second that you're special and that we won't beat you down right here!" The shorter man threatened as he unleashed his cultivation base.

While Xue Bai could see through their cultivation bases by himself, the two men obviously didn't know this. So they assumed Xue Bai thought they were equals, and by exposing his cultivation, the shorter man wanted to change Xue Bai's mindset while also slightly threatening him.

However, instead of fear, envy, or even any emotion at all, Xue Bai's face still kept the same fake smile that he carried throughout the entire conversation.


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