Transmigration:All of us are dead

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What is Transmigration:All of us are dead

Read ‘Transmigration:All of us are dead’ Online for Free, written by the author Story_Teller_229, This book is a TV Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Ron finds himself transmigrated into the world of "All of Us Are Dead" with a system at his disposal. However, there's a...


Ron finds himself transmigrated into the world of "All of Us Are Dead" with a system at his disposal. However, there's a twist: he's never watched the series and only has a vague idea of the characters from social media. Now, Ron must use his instincts and adapt quickly to survive the zombie apocalypse and the chaos of human nature. With no prior knowledge to rely on, Ron's fate hangs in the balance as he struggles to navigate this unfamiliar world and decide whether he will emerge victorious or succumb to the dangers that surround him. This will be a multiple world story as Ron will travel to different worlds. I have already decided that the next world will be 'The walking dead'. As for the upcoming worlds, we'll take a poll for it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I own nothing except the main character of the fanfiction. The "All of us are dead" world and it's characters belong to their respective creators. This will held true for all the upcoming worlds too. Also the cover page is not mine. If the owner of the cover page wants it to be taken down, then it can be done. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For 5+ advance chapters visit my patreon. patreon.com/StoryTeller229

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Here's another one .......................


Although I don't usually like this theme, I gave it a go and found it very entertaining. The story develops slowly and the system is simple and effective, without too many appeals and superpowers left and right. The story showing a human MC with real feelings earned me +5 points. I'm looking forward to more chapters, pity the updating is slow.




Not bad for a few chapters and waiting for it. P.S. will likely edit this if there's anything else I need to look out for.


The plot goes at a steady pace with realistic reactions and processing time. You can see the authors progress in learning to write as compared to previous books, very well done and I hope you continue this book!




WQ-4/5 SD-3/5 CD-4/5 US-1/5 WB-4/5 Overall - 3.2


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