Transmigrating into the Heartthrob’s Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend Book

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Transmigrating into the Heartthrob’s Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend


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Description The protagonist shou, Xie Sui, was a proud son of heaven. He had an illustrious family background, was cold and removed from desire, and attracted many (psychopathic) admirers. From the gentle senior to the paranoid president, to the haughty and proud arch-enemy, these big guys were all top leaders of their respective fields, yet they were all crazy about him. After pushing him down a series of mentally and physically abusive paths, the three of them decided to join hands to destroy the Xie Family, imprison Xie Sui, crush his pride, and turn him into a pet that could only rely on them. While the crowd of readers howled “Wuwuwu the feels~”. Song Yu was already so angry he was going crazy. Not wanting to read any more of this eye-searingly bad novel, he cursed, “Idiots.” and hurried offline. As a result, when he woke up, he’d transmigrated. He’d transmigrated to become the Third Young Master of the Song Family in the novel, who had only been briefly mentioned in passing, would die of a terminal illness, and was Xie Sui’s childhood friend. Song Yu was terribly upset. At the same time, he’d already come to a decision in his heart––those three idiots, had better not think about wanting to get close to his little childhood friend! * Xie Sui was born cold hearted. In two lifetimes, he’d never tasted the sweetness of love, nor had he ever experienced the feeling of being protected. After destroying three big families and personally killing his enemies, he was reborn back to when he was 15 years old. He had to hide the violence and coldness in his heart and pretend to be the youth with a gentle and clean appearance that he’d been in the past. Everything was the same as before, except that the little childhood friend who was nothing but a vague memory in his previous life was exceptionally different this time. Like the spring breeze that thawed the frozen soil, someone reached into the abyss and grabbed his blood-stained hand. * Song Yu tore apart a love confession letter like he was venting and fumed, “Don’t pay attention to those people, don’t believe in their sweet words. They’re all scum, and their love is worthless. Don’t like them, okay?” Xie Sui gazed at him for a long time, then laughed, “Alright, I don’t like them.” I only like you. Associated Names Xuyên việt thành trúc mã pháo hôi của vạn nhân mê 穿成万人迷的炮灰竹马 Author This Concubine Is In Shanyang 妾在山阳 Tags Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Comedic Undertone Complex Family Relationships Cruel Characters Cute Protagonist Doting Love Interests Doting Older Siblings Doting Parents Family Family Business Fearless Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Love Interest Falls in Love First Modern Day Power Couple Pragmatic Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Reincarnation Righteous Protagonist Ruthless Protagonist Schemes And Conspiracies Straight Uke Strong Love Interests System Administrator Transmigration Underestimated Protagonist Wealthy Characters


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