4 Where is my son?

The sight before her was as vivid as day and she could not help but laugh softly at this miracle. The mountain of items she had secretly collected over the years looked exactly as she had last seen it. That deity had done something worthy of her praise after all.

"Thank you old deity." She brought her hands together in a prayer formation and said.

"You are welcome, and stop calling me old." The deity's voice rung in her mind.

"And stop eavesdropping on my thoughts." She complained.

When she heard no response, she accessed her space, and found a pair of dusty but new brown boots. She also got herself a pair of jeans and an oversized t. shirt. Since she had been made aware that she had zero mental strength hence no protection against anyone that could attack her mind, she went old school and hid an ordinary pistol and a dagger from earth in her waistband.

Riana had been gone for a while now and she probably had no plans to return with that water any time soon. She was angry but she had bottles of fresh water stacked up in her space. She took one, ripped the label off in case anybody wanted to observe it too closely and then she left the room.

On this planet, her father had spent ninety percent of his savings on fixing up this old large house. It was slanted in some areas, the floor tiles were brown. Ether they were dirty or the lowest quality tiles in existence. There were no decorations, the lights were flickering on and off and all the utensils she saw were old or broken.

"Scarlet Su, you really screwed up life for your family." She said softly to herself.

As she observed the house further, her heart grew heavier. Her mind recalled the beautiful buildings she had seen in the capital and she sighed.

At least she had her space; she could use the materials in there to spruce up the place a little bit at a time.

Her stomach growled, reminding her that she needed to eat and she took some beef jerky from her space and munched on it as she walked.

Following the old Scarlet's memories she found the living room and it was just as disappointing as the rest of the house. The chairs were plaid and ratty; one would think that she had come to a very desolate world instead of an interstellar one.

Her mother was sitting in there, watching someone sing on the television screen while rubbing her belly.

She coughed twice to notify her of her presence.

Her mother, Mega Su turned around and saw her. Then she put on a tentative smile on her face and said, "Scarlet, you are awake."

The way she said it was so casual that one would think she had been sleeping in bed normally rather than being in a coma for some time.

"Hello mother," she greeted her without emotions, she abounded like a robot in a way. "Have you seen Justin?"

Justin was her son, the son Scarlet ignored because he was useless to her. The old deity had said, 'be kind to that child.' She could only assume that Justin was that child and go looking for him.

Mega Su was surprised and it could not be hidden that she was surprised Scarlet was asking after Justin.

"He went to the garbage collection station with your siblings to see if they can find some things to fix up and sell on star net for money."

A moment of awkward silence between mother and daughter followed. Mega was waiting for Scarlet to say something. Ever since they arrived on this planet, Scarlet's tempers fluctuated between rage and insanity.

They all gave her wide berth when they saw her coming because you knew who would take the brunt of her anger on any given day. Once she was done with the rage, tears would follow. Mega did not know how to get along with her daughter anymore.

Scarlet smiled and said, "Okay, thank you, I will go and find him."

As she walking away Mega whispered to herself, "Did she just thank me and smile? Is she planning something nefarious? I have to warn the others." She used the terminal on her hand to call her oldest son and warn him.

Scarlet on the other hand was grateful to be out of the house and away from Mega. Even though she had occupied the body of the original Scarlet and had her memories, she did not automatically inherit the familial love and closeness.

Maybe it was because the original Scarlet looked down on her family and she had no love for them. To her, they were like logs weighing her down and preventing her from achieving success. Scarlet believed she should have been born a princess in the royal family. If not, then maybe to a duke or a viscount. Higher nobility to her was the only nobility that mattered; her father a baron was nothing special. No matter what her family did to aid or pleases her, she was unappreciative and condescending towards them. No wonder they gave up on her!

As the new Scarlet, she could not help but judge the old one. "She really was a terrible person."

Although she had much damage to do, the warm feeling of the sun hitting her face and the fresh air drew a smile from her. Greedily, her nostrils sucked the oxygen in as if it would escape from her anytime soon.

She got a juice box from her space, the kind of juice box which used to be popular among children before the world went to shit. With passion, she sucked juice from the box through a straw without caring about anybody seeing her.

This was her planet; she could do whatever she wanted. The royal family had claimed that it was a wedding gift to her and her husband to cover up for the fact that they had banished her. She did however have to pay taxes to the empire just like every other planet in the empire.

The Sun star empire controlled nine planets and this blue star planet was one of the nine. The Central planet where the royal family lived was the capital city of the empire.

The blue star was a garbage dump for the excess garbage of other planets. The occupants were few and poor. It had a population of about two hundred thousand people and half of them worked in garbage recycling.

Scarlet had one question in mind, how was she supposed to pay taxes like this?

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