504 Self defense

First of all, everyone was surprised because Emmett raised his voice. On top of that, he moved his hands around dramatically in a manner they had not see before. 

Additionally, his face had turned a strange shade of red that definitely meant he was well and truly vexed with his Scarlet and Esong. 

Why he was so angry, the couple could not fathom. 

"I was defending myself." Scarlet answered. 

"Yeah, it was self defense." Esong parroted as well. 

Emmett glared at them both fiercely and Scarlet felt the urge to hide behind Esong's broad shoulders. His father was actually sort of scary when he was angered. 

Now she could understand why Emory was quick to shut her mouth when he called her name sternly 

Esong held Scarlet's hand firmly and returned the fierce gaze his father was shooting at them.

"Father, you are scaring my wife." 


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