490 Mommy is back

Just as he planned the previous night, Esong took a day off work and chose to take Justin out. 

They took a trip to the newly opened London pet park in the city. It was exactly what it's name was, a park for pets. Cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, some fish, parrots, lamas, monkeys and hamsters all resided in the park. With time, Scarlet planned to add more varieties of tame animals to the park. 

The park itself was a very big ground and they had built different types of houses for the pets according to their needs. Transparent shields separated the different types of animals from each other. 

Animals could not leave their habitat for a different one but humans with passes could go from one pet housing area to the next through the shield. 

Justin was having a lot of fun playing with his friends that he found in the park. Esong was standing back with other parents in the aquarium watching their children be bewitched by the sight of the fish. 


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