231 Missing a Billion in Taxes

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Ye Qingyin allowed Gu Yang to grab her wrist. She looked at Gu Yang up close, her eyes shining. "Little Fairy, do you know me?"

Gu Yang nodded hesitantly. The original Gu Yang didn't have much interaction with Ye Qingyin, but when she researched Zhaofeng Entertainment's ace managers, she had seen Ye Qingyin's identification photo.

"Little Fairy, I'm the president of your fan club." Ye Qingyin smiled.

Gu Yang was a little stunned.

Why didn't she know that she had a fan club?!

Ye Qingyin looked at Gu Yang's adorable expression and couldn't help but pinch her face. She reminded her, "Previously, you went on a variety show with Ruan Chu and attracted a lot of fans. Those fans formed their own fan club. You're not an artist, so you don't have a team to manage the fan club. If no one is around to control the fans, they might attract haters for you, so the chairman asked me to take over the fan club."


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