105 The Group Of People Disaster

When Xiao Wei finally traveled in order to complete the task given to him, it wasn't supposed to be boring and extremely slow.

"Boss, you said it yourself. We need to completely destroy the Zombie bodies in order to kill it. We don't want them to become stronger in the future because we are too lazy to eradicate them."

"Yes, Boss! Unlike how powerful you are, the one meeting these Zombies next might become their food. So, we'll have to take care of them."

"Yes, just like how our Boss saves and helps us, we also want to do the same thing to others."

I'm a villain! The evilest of all! I don't do nice things! That's for the Protagonist to do!

Xiao Wei's expression twisted, even their flattery isn't working these times.

"Are you getting in the way of my love!?"

I want to finish my mission since I miss my sexy brother Blue!!!


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