Transmigrated With A Time Chamber In DxD

"Okay guys. Time to settle an argument. If you were to reincarnate in DxD, what race would you choose and why?" Some choose dragons. Some choose yokai. Others choose devils and another few, angels. In an era where gods exist and a myriad of races populate the planet, Igor made the most uncanny of choices. As for what it was, read on and find out. Available on Fanfiction.net and RoyalRoad with the same title name.

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Chapter 14

[Even though the situation is dangerous…]

He unconsciously began to smile.

[I can't help but feel excited!]




[This brat is willing to fight?]

Baraquiel really couldn't keep it in anymore. Lightning started to flicker around him. While he looked at Igor in the eye, he used his other hand to motion to Azazel.

The meaning was pretty simple.

[Don't interfere.]

He didn't even pay attention to what his brother's reaction would be before he grinned at the blonde under his palm.

"Since you refuse, you know what is about to happen, correct?"

Igor's only indication of replying, was a subtle blue line of aura emanating from him like the gentle flickers of a flame.

"As long as the final blow is not from behind." *

Tswii! CLASH!

With one arm, Baraquiel blocked Igor's left foot that was aimed for his head. But it wasn't like Igor didn't learn anything from their past exchanges. 

While still midair, he aimed his hand towards Baraquiel's abdomen. A light golden orb formed in his hand, a sign that Baraquiel didn't take lightly.

So the man shifted his remaining left hand to his stomach, ready to protect from the impending energy wave attack. 

But beyond his expectations, the energy wave didn't come from Igor's hand.


It came from his mouth.


The energy wave pushed Baraquiel back, forcing him to tear through the walls of the house. Igor didn't continue to supply ki to the attack, causing Baraquiel to be pushed further and further away. 

It was only when the fallen was pushed outside the house and onto the streets, did Igor finally cancel the attack. When the dust and debris cleared, it revealed Baraquiel to have protected his chest with three of his left wings.

Baraquiel looked at his smoking wings with a smile.

"If that one had landed, I would've had to get a new coat."

With those words, he vanished, causing Igor who had charged over to suddenly halt his tracks and look around. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he didn't have to wait for long.

Baraquiel appeared below the blonde with his fist poised for an uppercut.

"Grigori doesn't have money for damages. So…"


Igor was flung up. He had barely managed to form a cross-guard before the punch landed on his forearms. The lightning of Baraquiel caused him to feel a tingling sensation that numbed them.

But he couldn't dwell on the feeling for too long because Baraquiel appeared in front of him with his leg outstretched.

"...let's take this somewhere else."


This time, Igor couldn't block the kick. Besides the fact that he had temporarily lost all feeling in his arms, Baraquiel was just moving that fast.

And his kick was just that powerful.


The blow was so powerful that Igor temporarily lost consciousness. His limp form flew over all the buildings of Kuoh towards the outskirts of the town. It was only after he was falling over the forest of Kuoh, did he begin to descend.

It was also in that moment when he regained his consciousness.


Flaring his ki, he managed to stop his descent just a metre or so from the first tree that would've dug into his back.

But Baraquiel aimed to rectify that statement. The cadre appeared above Igor, his lightning-covered fist raised and a grin on his face.

At that moment, Igor only had one thought.






Azazel was still dazed at the destruction of his penthouse. Four walls were torn down while expensive furnishings were either broken, burnt, or incinerated. Furthermore, there were atleast a few dozen humans that had witnessed the spectacle.

It only took a wave of his hand for him to wipe out their memories. But the biggest hassle would be finding any photographic evidence. Although people rarely carry cameras, there may be a few tourists.

Just thinking of the work he had to do, made him feel like weeping.

"Why me..."




Shuri and Akeno looked at the penthouse that had a massive hole in the wall. Both mother and child had just come back from shopping.

Shuri just stood still, not sure what to do. She could see Azazel standing silently by the gate. The man was practically looking at her with eyes that were pleading for help.

Shuri looked at him silently, her heart coming to a decision.


"Yes, mama?"

Azazel watched on, hope budding in his eyes. Shuri raised her foot…and turned around.

"Let's go back to the store. We are missing a few ingredients for tonight."


Azazel watched both mother and child walk away, his eyes empty from despair.


Azazel was hoping Shuri would help him detain Baraquiel and force him to clean up his own mess. But now, it seemed as if he, the Governor of Grigori, truly had to wipe after his brother. Although he could call for a squadron of fallen angels to do the work for him, they weren't nearby since Kuoh was currently a…devil territory.

"Oh no…"

The familiar sound of a teleportation circle forming a few metres from him entered his ears. His posture slumped when he saw the short white-haired woman that appeared from it.

Spotting her questioning gaze, Azazel couldn't help but weep.

*Sad Azazel noises*




Igor was levitating a dozen-or-so metres from Baraquiel. He stood straight while the latter had their wings out and their arms crossed. Both were floating just a few metres above the treetops while the afternoon sun blared down on them. 

The skies were clear, but only those with supernaturally enhanced eyesight could see the slight shimmers of the barrier that surrounded the entire forest.

Although Igor appeared confident, there was the slightest bit of nervousness. The uncertainty of the situation was killing him. Here he was, prepared for a fight to the death. Everything had even went as he expected. From being hit with an uppercut that rammed like a truck, he got acquainted with the toe of Baraquiel's boot that had him black out in an instant.

But after he got punched into the trees, things started to change from there. He had risen from the rubble and attacked Baraquiel. But the fallen only blocked his attacks…with a finger.

That had frustrated the blonde to no end. The anger and humiliation he felt caused his attacks to become even sloppier, arousing Baraquiel's own annoyance at the situation. Eventually, the fallen hit Igor with a palm strike to the stomach that pushed him away.

The blonde had wanted to retaliate, but the cadre stopped him with a motion of his hand. This event led to the current moment of them just levitating in the air in silence. 

For the past ten-minutes, Igor had been tense while Baraquiel was relaxed with his eyes closed and arms folded.

But as time dragged on, Baraquiel finally decided it was time to speak.

"First rule of combat: keep calm at all times. During this whole time, I was hoping your fists would unclench and your heart rate would decrease. But instead, it has increased."



Igor chuckled while rubbing his head.

"Hehe. Hard to relax when a blink could be your last, old man."

He felt a bit of embarrassment, but it allowed him to finally relax a bit.

"Hmph. And you say you don't need a teacher."


Igor chuckled nervously. But Baraquiel continued.

"Listen, brat. I've seen some of your techniques and I assume you know more. I acknowledge that I cannot teach you techniques. But what I can do…

*Cracks knuckles*

"...is teach you how to fight."


Igor got into a wide stance, his gaze morphing into resolute confidence.

"Alright old man. I'm ready."

"Good. Now, I want you to fight me at your full power. I will wait."


Igor abandoned his stance and stood straight. His hands clenched into fists, his arms slowly rising towards chest level.

A faint pressure started to emanate from him, wisps of blue ki slowly crackling to life.


GrUUU Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su 

Ki surged like blue flames around him. The intensity and density continued to grow every minute second. Baraquiel watched with a fascinated gaze as Igor powered up. He could feel the blonde shatter the energy reserves of high-class entities and was gradually encroaching on the limits of ultimate-class.

Baraquiel felt it was quite impressive for Igor to have this much power.

[If he's like this before his teenage years, I wonder how strong he'll get before he…hmm?]

Igor's power reached its peak. The fiery blue aura around him was swirling around agitatingly.

Su Su Su Su Su Su Su SUAAA!

The pressure of him reaching full power resulted in the extra ki he generated explode outward. Having powered up, a visible blue aura surrounded him. 

Closing his eyes, Igor focused for a bit before the aura gradually receded into his body. The level of control he had over his ki had even Baraquiel nod in approval.

Slowly, the blonde opened his eyes, obvious battle lust emanating from them.


Having let out a deep breath, he began removing the bandages around his torso and threw them down the forest below.

Looking at Baraquiel, he didn't even utter a word before he rushed forward in a burst of speed.


But before he could get far, Baraquiel suddenly appeared in front of him.




Striking the blonde with a powerful gut punch, Baraquiel spoke.

"You didn't listen."

Hoisting the blonde up, he threw him down towards the forest floor.

Kra Kra Kra Kra Kra Kra…BOOOOM

Crashing through dozens of trees, Igor hit the ground hard enough to launch up a giant plume of dust, debris, and branches.

But Baraquiel didn't care for any harm the blonde might've gone through.

"I said!"

He only wanted to see one thing at the moment.



But instead of being disappointed, Baraquiel smiled.


*TREMBLE* *TREMBLE* *TREMBLE* *TREMBLE* *Tremble* *Tremble* *Tremble *Tremble*



GRUUUUUUuuuuuuuu Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su Su

The sudden power-up unleashed a powerful burst of ki that instantly uprooted and toppled every single tree around Igor. Everything from the leaf litter to the loose soil was pushed away by the powerful force, leaving the blonde with a relatively large clearing around him.

Igor slowly flew up, a very intense aura of dark blue ki surrounding him. Only a vague silhouette of his appearance could be seen due to just how dense the ki emanating from him was.

Having levitated to Baraquiel's level, Igor spoke with a slightly strained voice.

"I'm on a time limit old man. So let's make this quick."

Tswii! Swoosh…CLASH!



1. "As long as the final blow is not from behind."

Explanation: Here it means, as long as the blow that kills him, does not come from the back. For warriors, fighters, or martial artists of any kind, it is considered a shameful/embarrassing way to die to a blow from the back. Even just having a scar along your back isn't something to be proud of because it is seen as a fact that you let your guard down like a rookie. So as for why Igor said that sentence, considering that he trained for so long, it would be extremely insulting to his efforts if the killing blow landed on his back.

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