6 Chapter 6: One Million Eso

"But it's basically impossible to complete it in one day!"

Boss Sulu obviously did not take Zeke's words seriously.

For these large orders, he has recruited more than 100 people on the basis of the original factory, and the recruitment notice has not been removed until now. This shows how huge the workload is!

"Of course it's impossible for you, but for me, it's different!"

Zeke smiled and said, "Boss Sulu, the price is one million Eso, and I will help you get it all done within one day! I guarantee that you can pack and deliver it today! How about it?"

"One million?!"

Hearing this, Boss Sulu frowned suddenly.

For a stranger who he doesn't know the origin of, it's already a good thing that he didn't kick these two out. If Boss Sulu hadn't seen that Zeke's craftsmanship is more exquisite and perfect than everyone else's, this conversation wouldn't have happened.

But now that Zeke's is asking for one million Eso, how could Boss Sulu easily believe it all at once?

What's more, it's impossible to complete all the orders in one day!

"One million Eso. It's not impossible to do!"

"But how do you want me to believe that you have the ability to handle all the orders?"

Boss Sulu is a businessman who puts his interests first. Even if it is impossible, he is willing to try it whenever he has the chance.

Since Zeke has boasted about his ability, of course he has to see whether Zeke is bragging or not. If he really has this ability! It's good for him! If not, it's not late to smack this man to pieces!

"I knew it wasn't that easy!"

Zeke grinned, "Gael, go and bring a box of materials!"


Gael hurried forward and moved a box of materials to Zeke's feet.

At this time, the busy workers in the warehouse also noticed Zeke's movements, and all cast curious eyes.

They saw Zeke pull up his sleeves, and saw that a hundred microbots were all attached on his arms.


Seeing those miniature robots, Boss Sulu's eyes flashed.

"Boss Sulu, get a good look!"

As Zeke's thoughts moved, the hundred microbots immediately received instructions and flew out quickly. Like a swarm of bees, they poured directly into the box.

In an instant, a hundred microbots began to quickly connect those shells at a speed that was indistinguishable to the naked eye!

After about three seconds.

One hundred microbots burrowed into Zeke's cuffs again, and the materials in the box had all turned into exquisite and perfect products!


Boss Sulu was taken aback by the scene in front of him, his eyes widened suddenly, and his face showed incredible shock.

"Boss Sulu, check it out!"

Zeke smiled and made a please gesture.

Boss Sulu squatted down quickly and grabbed a few shell bracelets from the box. As expected, every shell bracelet was so perfect, flawless, and it had no flaws at all!

"You just... w..what was that?!"

Boss Sulu was so shocked that he stuttered when he spoke.

It's only a breath of time!

A box of materials turned into the most exquisite and perfect finished product!

This speed of assembly is really terrifying!

"Boss Sulu doesn't have to know, how about it? Do you think I am qualified to take over your business now?"

Zeke smiled.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Boss Sulu's face suddenly burst into a smile.

After seeing Zeke's powerful ability with his own eyes, all the prejudice and doubts that Boss Sulu had before disappeared in an instant!

"Since Boss Sulu has agreed, let's not waste time and get started!"

"Let your workers stop first, put all the materials back, and put them in order!"

Zeke didn't talk nonsense, and gave orders directly.

"Everyone, stop for a while!"

Boss Sulu nodded, then spoke out loudly and shouted to the workers at work. His voice kept echoing in the warehouse.

All the workers in the warehouse stopped assembling their bracelets and looked at Boss Sulu.

"Now pack all the materials and put them back! All in order!"

Pack up materials and put them back?

Boss Sulu's words made the workers all look at each other, puzzled.

Didn't the factory say that this time there were a lot of orders, and the quantity needed was so huge that the manpower couldn't handle it in a day and night?

Why are they still wasting time now?

But no matter how much they wondered, it was useless. The boss had spoken, and of course they had to obey. They put all the unassembled materials in their hands back into the boxes and piled them together again.

"Boss Sulu, why did you stop us? The construction schedule is very tight now, and we don't have much time left!"

At this time, the supervisor in charge of supervision came over and asked with a serious face.

"Old Cruz, just do as I said. Don't worry about the construction period, it's all settled!"

"All resolved?"

When Director Cruz heard this, he was puzzled.

"All the assembly that follows, this man will do it alone!"

Boss Sulu said.

"All orders?!"

"Isn't he alone?"

"Boss Sulu, did you make a mistake?"

The supervisor glanced at Zeke, full of question marks.

"Okay, you don't need to say more about this matter, I have made up my mind!"

Boss Sulu raised his hand and said without a doubt.

After a while, the materials were packed, and the workers' eyes fell on Boss Sulu.

"Young man… um, I haven't asked your name yet, your name is..."


Zeke replied.

He didn't say his real name.

Don't look at the fact that he is now a nationally known figure, notorious, his scandal is spread all over the world, but that doesn't mean everyone has to know him!

And his "Deeds of Glory" are really unsightly, and Zeke doesn't want to harass himself for no reason.

Since Boss Sulu and the other workers didn't recognize him, Zeke just went with the flow and made up to fool them.

"Hahaha... Mr. Aiby! Is there anything else you need to prepare?"

Boss Sulu laughed.

"No need, just stand by and watch!"

Zeke walked straight forward.

The eyes of the workers all converged, and their eyes were full of doubts. They didn't know what this man was trying to do, but they felt that he was a little familiar, and they always felt like they had seen him somewhere.

However, the moment Zeke released a hundred microbots, the workers completely put the problem behind them.

All of them opened their mouths in unison, staring at the scene in front of them, their faces filled with unbelievable expressions!

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