Transmigrated To Another World: General, I'm Not Your White Moonlight

A scientist, Duan Yixin, transmigrated into another world. She possessed the body of a sixteen-year-old girl but had not inherited any of her memories. With a broken marriage engagement and no money in her hand, she only wants to earn money peacefully. It's a pity that fate always plays tricks on people. When she thought she finally could live peacefully, she discovered that this was the world in a novel she had read before her death. The man she rescued was the notorious ruthless general, and the woman who stole her ex-fiancé was the heroine of the original novel. She looked up at the sky and said, "God, are you kidding me?" A few years later, on their wedding night, she stared at him and said, "General, I'm not your white moonlight." He lowered his head and whispered in her ear: "Mhm, you are not my white moonlight, you are my life."

ColorfulAutumnWind · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
350 Chs

Arrive In Qian Shan County

Gu Naiyi shook his head and replied, "Unfortunately, Elder Lu, I don't have a way to solve this problem yet. However, although I don't have a solution, we can list the total amount of food currently owned by the villagers and us. Then, we can make plans based on the amount of the remaining food."

Tang Sanniu thought about his suggestion for a while, then looked at the other elder and asked, "Elder Deng, do you have any other suggestions?"

Deng Songxing frowned and said, "Since the floods cut off our access to the outside world, I don't think the villagers would let us check the amount of their food. If we do that, they probably thought we were trying to take their food and fought back instead."

Lu Zuancheng nodded and said, "Elder Deng is right, but we still need to try. With everyone's help, we may be able to convince the villagers to cooperate and find a solution together."