Transmigrated To Another World: General, I'm Not Your White Moonlight

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What is Transmigrated To Another World: General, I'm Not Your White Moonlight

Read ‘Transmigrated To Another World: General, I'm Not Your White Moonlight’ Online for Free, written by the author ColorfulAutumnWind, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, TRANSMIGRATION Light Novel, SLICEOFLIFE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A scientist, Duan Yixin, transmigrated into another world. She possessed the body of a sixteen-year-old girl but had not...


A scientist, Duan Yixin, transmigrated into another world. She possessed the body of a sixteen-year-old girl but had not inherited any of her memories. With a broken marriage engagement and no money in her hand, she only wants to earn money peacefully. It's a pity that fate always plays tricks on people. When she thought she finally could live peacefully, she discovered that this was the world in a novel she had read before her death. The man she rescued was the notorious ruthless general, and the woman who stole her ex-fiancé was the heroine of the original novel. She looked up at the sky and said, "God, are you kidding me?" A few years later, on their wedding night, she stared at him and said, "General, I'm not your white moonlight." He lowered his head and whispered in her ear: "Mhm, you are not my white moonlight, you are my life."

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Hello, my dear readers \(◦'⌣'◦)/ I'm happy to meet with all of you again in my new story. This book will be more relaxing and slow-paced than my other three books. I write this book in the hope that when you are tired and stressed, you can read this story and smile. Although this story is a slice-of-life genre, it will have political plotting since the ML will get involved in the political situation of the empire. If you like this story, please support me by writing a review, leaving a comment, and voting with power stones and golden tickets. I will try my best to present a high-quality story for everyone. ٩(*•͈ ꇴ •͈*)و ̑̑❀ Without further ado, let's begin our new journey together, and I wish you a nice day! GO!✺◟( ⑅❛ั ᴗ ❛ั ⑅)◞✺GO!


Another book from my favorite author! \o/ I was hooked by the first chapter and can't wait for more chapters! The relaxing reading experience, coupled with the twists and intrigues of the plot, make this story a masterpiece that deserves more attention. So, please shower this story and our dearest Author-nim with more castles, spaceships, or Gachapon! xD [img=recommend]


My fav author, great char development, liking the story so far, cant wait for more update. Fighting, author (9'w')9 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


my fav author, cant wait for more chapter.


First time read novel from author, interesting story, great plot and author really good at develop the character 👍👍👍 Can not wait to read more novel by author. Keep up the good work




anyone know raw please 🥺❤️ tell me...................


It's my first time read this novel, but it's really interesting, I waiting for next chapter, keep that spirit to make another interesting story.[img=recommend]


This author is always one of my favourite author , the story is superb and i feel like i am being dragged into the story itself, feeling what all the characters felt,


Still an early-stage development but kudos to the author for crafting such great development that leaves us eagerly anticipating each new chapter^^ Currently on chapter 3 hope more to come [img=recommend][img=recommend]


Just started and I can’t stop !! Interesting character background with a fantasy like backdrop. My rating stands so long as the author keeps updating :).




This novel is really good I recommend this book to read it is really interesting I hope author can mention how many total chapters are there in this novel


The story is really good.. I don’t usually spend coins but to no avail.. had to swiped my card.. this novel is really good! I like the pace of the story and the FL is calm and steady character.. although with space cheat but not exaggerated. The FL made me remember Nan Hua of Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower. Author your novel is really nice and I am looking forward to the story updates ❤️❤️❤️


Please update more chapters. Please update more chapters. Please update more chapters. Please update more chapters. Please update more chapters.




so far i really like this book.though it is quite slow,but it does come with logic for every incident and it is not unnatural. hope can get more updates afterward


I'm hook after only reading three chapters and can't wait to read more! 😆😆


found it, im loving it.... now off to get money for more reading <3


good good this kind of novel is my cup of tea, all I can complaints is freaking Chinese names, I get confuse really quick with these titles & names that don't know the meaning.


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