24 Zhou Faction

Han Cai had always been aware of the potential dangers of showcasing his talents, but He knew sooner or later he would have to participate in an outer sect tournament to get into the inner sect.

What he never expected was that elder Zhou would ask him so soon. As he sat in front of Elder Zhou, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. He was only 11 years old and had come from a humble background, and He was not worried about getting hurt in a competition but causing trouble for his family was a genuine concern for him.

What if he defeated some young master, and that young master used his family to get back at Han Cai.

Han Cai pretended to be scared and spoke, "Elder, I am still young, and I am afraid of getting hurt in the competition. Also, I come from a very humble background, and if any senior brothers get offended, it might implicate my family."

But Elder Zhou had assured him that as long as he was part of the Zhou faction, no one would harm him in the outer sect competition. And if he performed well, Elder Zhou would ensure his family received all the support and help they needed.

Elder started to inquire about Han Cai's family. When Han Cai told him he was from eagle trail town, it took three months to reach eagle trail town. Anyone who is offended by Han Cai in the tournament would take three months to get eagle trail town. Elder knew Long before that Han Cai would be accepted as an inner sect disciple after the tournament. With the inner sect's support, no one will try to bother his family.

Elder told him not to worry and just to console Han Cai. He said, "After the tournament, I will personally go out and make sure no one troubles your family. My Zhou family is strong in cloud mountain city, and they will take care of it. Don't worry."

Han Cai was not sure why this Elder was being so kind to him. Nothing was free in this world. This Elder is probably betting on Han Cai's talent to impress the sect in the future. Still, Elder's promise to help Han Cai seemed sincere.

Han Cai nodded and bowed again. "I thank elder Zhou. I will do my best in the outer sect competition."

If he had an elder's protection and His family was safe, what did he have to worry about?

Hearing Han Cai's response elder's eyes twinkled with happiness.

Kong Dandan standing at the side was stumped. He considered himself talented too. He was 17 years old this year. He was at level 2 Qi condensation and level 1 in crane sword technique, but it had taken him four years to reach Qi condensation level 1 and Level 1 in sword technique. He got too many surprises in a few breaths.

First, this eleven-year-old kid learned the crane sword technique in one and a half years. This meant he reached Qi condensation level 1 in a year and took six months to master the sword skill.

Then the Elder offered him to join his faction and even offered him free extra spirit stones monthly to support his family. That was too biased.

After the registration process of Han Cai's cultivation was completed. Elder asks Kong Dandan to take Han Cai to his faction quarters and give him quarter number two. Which meant his quarter would be very close to the Elder's abode.

Han Cai said he would have to return to his old abode to bring his things back. Elder Zhou told him not to worry about it. He asked Han Cai to go to his new residence, and Zhoud faction's gray robes will deliver all his things to his new abode.

As they walked to his new quarters, Han Cai couldn't help but notice the look of envy and resentment on Kong Dandan's face. He knew that Kong Dandan was also a talented cultivator, and the fact that Han Cai had been offered such preferential treatment must have been difficult for him to accept. But Han Cai didn't let it bother him; he knew that showing his talents at the right time could benefit him.

As they walked, Han Cai thought about what had happened just now. Showing talents could be dangerous, but showing them at the right time could be very fruitful. He did not have to do any missions or chores and will earn an extra spirit stone every month.

Han Cai, a nerd and recluse from the past, does not crave the adventures of missions, nor does he find any pleasure in doing any chores. He liked cultivation because you sit in one place and grow stronger. He was Lazy to his core.

Now the only thing he had to consider was outer sect competition. He was not worried about it. Han Cai's sword technique was level 3, and he could fight an elder at this skill level. He decided as long as he was in the outer sect, he would show his value to Elder Zhou so he could live peacefully without any worries. He did not have to go out to try to get missions done. With just showing his skills, if he could get support for his family, then why not use that path?

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