38 Tournament Begins

Slowly, the arena was filled on all sides. All outer sect elders, inner sect elders, and outer sect and inner sect disciples were present. The last to arrive was the sect master.

Han Cai had never seen the sect master before.

The sect master of the Sky Soaring Sect was a middle-aged man with a refined appearance. He had a gentle-looking face with a well-defined jawline and a strong yet soft chin. His skin was smooth and unblemished, with a hint of a tan, suggesting he spent a fair amount of time outdoors. His hair was dark and styled in a traditional manner, with the front locks combed back, and the sides pulled behind his ears. He had a well-proportioned nose and full lips, giving him a very distinguished look. He was of average height, around 5'8", and had a lean build. He carried himself with poise and grace, exuding a sense of calm and authority. His eyes were sharp, and his gaze was steady.. He wore traditional golden sect robes made of high-quality silk, adorned with intricate embroidery. He had a simple jade pendant hanging from his neck, symbolizing his position as the sect master. Overall, the sect master of the Sky Soaring Sect was a man of great presence who commanded respect with his refined appearance and dignified bearing.

Cai nodded his head in approval internally; this is how a refined sect master should look.

There were two other elders who walked in beside the sect master. Han Cai saw a crowd gasping when they saw the two elders. Han Cai thought, were those elders someone important? He considered scanning them but then gave up on the idea. Exchange points were too precious for him. Unless it was someone who was his enemy, he decided he would not waste exchange points. Instead, he would ask Kong Dandan about them later.

After the sect master and two elders sat in the center of the inner sect elders on the north of the arena, Elder Miao got up from his seat and walked towards the center of the arena. The other discipline hall elders sitting around him also got up and followed him into the arena.

When Elder Miao reached the center of the arena, he announced loudly, "Welcome to all Sect elders and disciples to the final stage of the outer sect tournament."

He began announcing the rules of the tournament.

The rules were quite simple: The tournament would be three days long. On the first day, ten disciples would occupy the ten platforms. Anyone of the remaining 90 could challenge them. The two would battle, and the winner would occupy the platform after the battle. The winner would also get a break for 30 minutes after the challenge to rest. Winning each fight would give 10 points, and losing each fight would cost -10 points. The top 10 ranking desciples will be selected from those who could occupy the platform the longest until the second day. The one who acquired platform number one longest would receive 1000 points; the disciple who acquired the second platform for longest would receive 900 points. Same way points were granted to the tenth platform, where the disciple who acquired the last platform would receive 100 points.

On the second day, there would be only three platforms, and the top 10 would have to compete for them. On the third day, there would be only one platform, and the top 3 would compete to occupy it. The one who occupied the platform the longest on the 3rd day would be given the first rank. For the remaining disciples, the ranking would be given to them by the number of points they acquired during the 3-day battle. During these three days, they were not allowed to leave the arena. For cultivators, three days without sleep was not much of a problem.

The prizes were also announced. The first place would receive 500 spirit stones, and His/Her allowance will be increased to hundred spirit stones per month. They will also receive a foundation establishment pill and two new fighting technique manuals from the outer sect library.

The second place would receive 250 spirit stones, and His/Her allowance will be increased to fifty spirit stones per month. They will also receive A Qi Condensation pill and one new technique manual from the outer sect library. The third place would receive 200 spirit stones. The remaining top 10 would receive 100 spirit stones.

Because of such a lucrative prize, sect elders knew every disciple would strive hard to get the first rank.

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