80 The Plot

Elder Dongmei nodded his head. "Your master has a pure heart. But He understands what dark hall does and why it is important for the sect. He does not approve of it, but he understands it is a necessity for the sect. It is not that you won't face such darkness in other halls or in other sects."

Dongmei continued, "But in our dark hall, we chase the darkness instead the darkness chasing us."

Han Cai looked at Palpatine. Palpatine really can quote well.

Then Han Cai shook his head and spoke, "I will be honest with you, elder. I understand what dark hall is doing. I understand the law of the world in which the strong prey on the weak, so one has to be strong and fight for their interest. I agree with your perspective of actively fighting for your own interests and conquering the darkness instead of waiting for it to catch up to you."

Elder Dongmei just looked at Han Cai wide-eyed. This kid really was wise. He understood everything the Elder wanted to convey.


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