75 The Hong Household

The Mayor Hong of cloud mountain city had a very comfortable life. His grand uncle was one of the inner sect elders of the Sky soaring sect. Because of this, he had a lot of power in this city. There were other families of elders in the city, too, but they did not have any power conflicts, and their positions were divided by sect.

It was afternoon, and the Mayor had just had his afternoon meal. He was getting ready to have a nap when he heard some commotion outside. Soon a servant came running and bowed.

Mayor Hong spoke, "What's the matter?"

The servant, out of breath, spoke slowly, "Master, your Granduncle patriarch, with some outer sect elders, is here. He ordered a family meeting."

Mayor thought that if grand uncle Jia had to come to the city, there must be a very important reason for it. He hurried to the hall and told the servant to inform everyone in the family to come to the hall immediately.


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