17 Spirit Stone Problems

By the morning before breakfast arrived Han Cai already was done with cultivation and also extracted 8 exchange points. It felt good watching the exchange points grow so fast. Besides the spirit stones If he Squeezed his schedule tight he should be able to gain 900 exchange points in a month. To reach his cultivation to Qi condensation level 2, he needed 6000 exchange points. The number was not very high because of crane sword skill he broke through mid level of first level of qi condensation level. To get the crane sword skill to level 2 he needed 4000 exchange points. So in total he needed ten thousand exchange points to get to the next level. System upgrade needed ten thousand exchange points too.

Han Cai started calculating he might be able to get 900 exchange points per month just by extracting through external sources . The sect will give him one spirit stone per month which converts into one thousand exchange points so he should be able to level up the system in 6 months first.

Thinking about months needed to for update reminded him he had around 13 more months under the tutelage of elder ji after that he would have to give him two spirit stones per month or he had to change quarters and live as general outer sect disciples. Two spirit stones were worth two thousand exchange points. Han Cai was not sure that he could give that up so easily. Instead he needed to find some way to earn more spirit stones.

Han Cai planned that by the end of the 20th month, he should be able to get the system updated and also his skills to level 2. After that he will leave elder Ji's tutelage and go out and try to live in general outer disciple quarters while finding more ways to earn spirit stones.

Thinking about methods to earn more spirit stones.

Han Cai chatted with gray robed outer sect disciples who brought his meals to figure out how many spirit stones they earn.

He was stumped to know that the sect does not pay outer disciples in spirit stones but in gold coins. And gray robed disciples were not allowed to use gold to buy spirit stones in the outer sect hall. they had to get promoted to yellow robed disciple to buy that. If the sect allowed all gray robed disciples to buy spirit stones even if all buy only one the sect would run out of spirit stones in a month. As there were more than ten thousand gray robed disciples in the sect. Also for yellow robed disciples were not allowed to buy more than 10 spirit stones per month. If they wanted to buy 10 spirit stones it would cost them one 1000 gold coins which is a huge sum for most of them except for some who had ultra rich family background.

Han Cai's father already spent all his life saving trying to get him into the sect so he could not expect any gold coins from his family. They sent him to a sect so he could support his family in future and not make them poorer.

Besides using gold coin to buy spirit stone there was another method for yellow robed disciples to earn spirit stones that was by taking missions. But only yellow robed outer sect disciples who have successfully cultivated qi to level one at least were allowed to take sect missions from mission hall or you would have to do sect chores instead even if you are yellow robed disciple if you wanted to earn. The chores would pay a better amount of gold coins then what gray robes are paid.

There was also another way to earn spirit stones that was to participate in the outer sect arena. Every summer after new disciples are expected there will be an outer sect arena tournament where outer sect yellow robed disciples will participate. The first place would receive staggering 500 spirit stones, a foundation establishment pill, two new techniques .

If elders liked your talent they could refer you to inner sect, to join inner sect either you had to be very talented to catch attention of inner sect elders or reach foundation establishment realm before age of 40 or if you are older than 40 then you can stay in the outer sect as elder. Elder Hong, Elder Ji most of the elders were at the foundation establishment realm. They could not join the inner sect because they reached the foundation establishment realm after the age of 40.

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