11 Skill Book

The skill in the skill book was called Crane sword style. This sword style had eight levels. If you practiced it to level three you could fight a foundation realm cultivator at QI condensation stage. This sword style and Soaring sky cultivation were compatible. All the outer sect disciples of the sect are supposed to practice it. Han Cai was not worried about cultivation or the skill he knew he had, all he had to do was collect enough points and make an equal exchange he was sure that system would help him cultivate and learn the skill without any difficulty.

Earlier Han Cai wanted to save points till they reach one thousand before he could unlock System Update, but now he felt to give cultivation manual a try . The temptation was too strong for him to not to give it a try. He checked his status window

[Name: Han Cai]

[Age: 10]

[Life Span: 40 Years]

»Strength: 1

»Perception: 1

»Agility: null

»Speed: 1

»Constitution: .1.5

»Intelligence: 2

»Charm: 1

[Exchange Points: 781 (1/day)]

[System Update : ? (Collect 1000 points to unlock)]

[Initiate Law of Equal Exchange?]

Han Cai decided to initiate the law of equal exchange.

[Initiating law of Equal exchange]

[What would the host like to exchange the points with?]

Han Cai spoke in his mind "Use sky soaring cultivation method help me reach Qi condensation level 1"

[Intitating…] [Intitating…] [Intitating…] [Intitating…] [Intitating…] [Intitating…]

[ Law of the Equal Exchange Failed]

[ 4,219 more points needed to complete the exchange]

Han Cai was not surprised. If cultivation was that simple this world would have been filled with cultivators. But now he knew the number needed to start cultivation.

He experimented a bit and asked the system to get him to the Qi condensation realm directly without the Sky Soaring technique; the system mentioned he needed nine thousand plus points to complete the exchange. So the system could get him directly to the Qi cultivation realm even without any technique as long as he had enough points. But having the technique was very useful as it halved the requirement of points.

He tried to exchange for crane sword skill, and the system showed he needed thirteen hundred points more to reach sword skill to level one. This meant the cultivation technique required five thousand points to reach  Qi Condensation level 1, while the crane sword skill needed two thousand exchange points and he was sure as the levels increased the number of points requirement will increase too.

Han Cai started to plan; he would collect a thousand points to Update the system. Once the System is Updated will start saving points to get started with cultivation. After confirming his thoughts, Han Cai went back to bed.

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