67 Palpatine In Cultivation World

*Palpatine was Scheming, powerful, and evil to the core Sith lord in star wars; Also known as Darth Sidious, who restored the Sith and destroyed the Jedi Order.

*Anakin Skywalker had the potential to become one of the most powerful Jedi ever and was believed by some to be the prophesied Chosen One. Palpatine corrupted him. Later he was known as Darth Vader.

* Padmé Amidala was a courageous, hopeful leader, serving as Queen and then Senator of Naboo. Her secret, forbidden marriage to Jedi Anakin Skywalker would prove to have dire consequences for the galaxy.


When they reached the inner hall, Han Cai saw his master sitting on the same old throne, but there were nine elders around him. He knew almost all of the elders except one old man who was dressed in a black robe and sitting closest to the sect master, a dark hood covering his head, leaving only his mouth and chin visible. When Han Cai saw the elder, he almost blurted out, "Palpatine* is that you?"

Han Cai went forward, bowed, and greeted the sect master.

Sect master nodded and spoke, "Han Cai, you already know all the elders here except elder Dongmei. He is my uncle master, the elder of the dark hall, and Also your grand uncle master."

Han Cai looked curiously at smiling Palpatine. He almost had a shiver run down his spine. Palpatine, who manages the dark hall? Are you trying to send me to the dark side? I might be a scoundrel, but I will never give up the path of the Jedi, Han Cai vowed.

And grand uncle master? Talk about a long-distance relationship with the Sith lord. Thinking these amusing thoughts, Han Cai turned towards elder Dongmei and bowed.

Elder Dongmei spoke, "Dark hall is a secret hall of our sect. Every sect keeps some secret halls."

Han Cai understood there must be assassinations and stuff happening in the dark hall.

Palpatine, who is a cultivator in this world, manages a dark hall that kills people. This world is going to be royally and properly f***ed. Han Cai let his imagination run wild, but he did not speak up.

Elder Dongmei looked at Han Cai, Head to Toe. He found this child pleasing to the eye. He spoke, "I heard you learned Celestial Ascension Technique to level 3. Show it to me."

Han Cai nodded and moved the celestial energy around his body. All the elders shivered simultaneously. They all talked about how it could bring calamity and checked the pros and cons of celestial talent in the sect. But in their heart, they all knew their sect was blessed to have such a talent, and that talent was such a young clean slate.

Noticing celestial Qi. Everyone was pleased, but they all kept serious faces.

Elder Dongmei thought for a while and said, "I heard you took four skills from the sect library. Were you able to learn any of those? "

Han Cai nodded. "Yes, Qigong technique."

Another wave of shock passed through the elders. But they calmed themself down.

Han Cai thought these guys must have come here to probe his talent and value. Han Cai decided to tell them about the Qingong skill because it was compatible with the sect's core cultivation technique. If he can cultivate the Celestial Ascension Cultivation, how could he not manage to learn Qingong? Besides, the moment he entered, he knew Palpatine had a lot of power. He must woo the Sith lord to have an easy life.

Elder Dongmei thought for a while and then spoke, "Show me the skill."

Han Cai nodded, and then he floated in the air. Elder Dongmei and All elders Jaws almost hit the floor. Not just cultivation, this kid really learned Qingong in 7 days. Elder Dongmei spoke, "You can come down now."

Then Cai floated down in the same spot. Elder Dongmei had a wide smile on his face, which looked very ugly to Han Cai.

But unlike Han Cai, The more elder looked at Han Cai, the more he found him very pleasing to the eyes. Elder Dongmei nodded. "We heard your concern about your family. Dark hall will take care of that, and In the future, you will be working for dark hall."

Anakin*..... cough....Han Cai froze, Palpatine indeed was bringing him to the dark side. What does that make him? Is he the future Darth Vader? Will he really have to give up his upright Jedi path?

So I will meet Padmé* too? Han Cai promised himself always to stay away from queens and princesses.

But still, Palpatine was going to take care of his family. He had to show gratitude. Han Cai sighed. For the love of his family, he will have to give in to the dark side.

Han Cai bowed. "Thank you, granduncle master."

Elder Dongmei smiled and spoke again, "You can call me uncle master. Since you are meeting this old man for the first time. I did not bring you any gifts. Is there anything that you need or want?"

Han Cai really wanted to see the earth-level weapons, especially the flute. It was a great opportunity. Han Cai felt Palpatine really understood Anakin's heart, asking the right question at the right time. This must be fate.

Han Cai spoke, "Uncle master, while I was in the core library, I read about earth weapons. I have never seen any earth weapon before, and I wanted to see what fairy Chang's earth-grade weapon looked like"

Hearing this innocent request, all the elders smiled. All disciples were curious about an earth-level weapon, and this was a very innocent request of the kid. Despite that, they knew earth weapons could not be taken out that easily.

But unlike them, elder Dongmei took his request seriously and gave it some thought.

Elder Dongmei looked at the Sect master, then he looked at the elder of the treasury hall and spoke, ". The flute should be in our treasury, right? Let us bring it to the sect hall."

Sect master did not know what to say. All the elders were staggered. They cursed in their mind, this old bastard. That flute was an earth-grade treasure of the sect. Han Cai was a naive child who was curious about the weapon, but it was not a toy. It was an earth-grade treasure. If they said no now, Han cai would think that elder Dongmei is a good elder while they are bad elders.

The elder or treasury responded, "Uncle Master, It is indeed in treasury, but bringing earth-grade weapons just like that wouldn't be right."

Elder Dongmei snapped, "Is the treasure more precious than my word to my grand disciple? This is the first time, as elders of the sect, we are meeting him. How can we not fulfill such an innocent wish?."

The elders cursed again. You are the one meeting him for the first time. We have already met him. Elder DongMei blatantly made them villains in front of Han Cai. At the same time, he himself kept the appearance of a kind old grandpa.


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