54 New Cultivation Technique

The second one was the Celestial Ascension Technique. On the first page of this cultivation manual was written how this technique could take one's cultivation beyond the immortal realm and transform you into celestial. Han Cai was thrilled at this discovery, as he had been dreaming about reaching the immortal realm.

This manual was unique because it also covered the cultivation of space elements, which was rare and highly coveted by cultivators. But no one in the sky-soaring sect was able to cultivate this technique, the reason being this Celestial Ascension Technique required space element energy called celestial energy. This type of energy is said to be present in the universe and can be harnessed by cultivators to enhance their cultivation. The technique teaches the cultivator how to absorb and cultivate celestial energy in order to break through to higher realms. The final stage of this technique is to have a celestial body where all the qi in his body will transform into all-encompassing celestial energy.

Han Cai used to exchange points to get more details about celestial energy from System.

System responded

[Celestial energy is the energy of the space element and is considered to be the most all-encompassing energy. It is the source of all element energies and is considered to be the foundation for the existence of everything in the world.

Cultivating in celestial energy host will have the ability to harness the power of celestial energy to cultivate and enhance your skills, not just those related to space. This is because celestial energy is the source of all other energies, and as a result, you can use it to practice different element skills as well. It is important to note that celestial energy is not just limited to the space element but is in fact, the foundation for all elements. As a cultivator, understanding and harnessing the power of celestial energy is crucial in order to achieve greater levels of strength and mastery over your skills.]

Han Cai did not take long to decide. He chose the "Celestial Ascension Technique." The reason was, If he reached foundation establishment through this technique, through celestial energy he would have an affinity to space elements. Han Cai, a nerd from his past life, had read many books to know that, of all the elements, space and time elements were the coolest, and now he had the opportunity to cultivate and have talent in one.

He held the Celestial Ascension Technique manual and started reading it. On the second and third pages of the manual were written details about the method to cultivate this technique.

Celestial Ascension Technique was a cultivation technique that focused on cultivating and harnessing the celestial energy within the body to ascend to higher realms of cultivation. It was a technique that was known to be very challenging and demanding but also extremely rewarding. The technique is divided into several levels, each level corresponding to a different realm of cultivation. The initial levels focus on building a strong foundation, while the higher levels focus on breakthroughs to the next realm.

The technique is known for its emphasis on balance and harmony between the body and the spirit. It requires the cultivator to focus on both their physical and mental well-being and to cultivate both in a balanced manner. The technique also places a great emphasis on the cultivation of celestial qi, which transforms the life force energy within the body. The cultivator must learn to control and manipulate their celestial qi in order to ascend to higher realms.

The technique also included various meditations, visualization exercises, and breathing techniques to help the cultivator achieve a peaceful and harmonious state of mind. This was something essential for breaking through to higher realms, as the mind and spirit must be in a state of balance and harmony in order to achieve breakthroughs.

As Han Cai continued to study this manual, he noticed that the last pages of the Celestial Ascension Technique were ruined and unreadable. The method to get the celestial body was lost in those pages. But Han Cai did not feel disheartened, as he knew that with his exchange system, he could get the cultivation technique up to the immortal realm. He knew that with the system, he would receive the complete technique.

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