4 Medallion

Han Cai got out of his room and knocked on one of the guards' rooms. One of the guards opened the room.

The guard asked, " Is everything ok, Young master?"

Han Cai replied " Yes, It is all good. It is just that I am hungry."

The guard understood " It is ok young master. You go get some rest. I will go down and bring you some food."

Han Cai nodded and went back to his room. It's not that he couldn't go down and order food himself. It is just that 10 years old in the new city Han cai did not want to get in any situation. Ever since his past life, Han Cai was a firm believer of Murphy's law "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." So unless it was necessary, he would not even leave his room in the new city. After an hour, the guard came back with food. Han Cai ate his fill and went back to sleep. He was still very tired.

Next day in the morning Han Cai woke up. He saw his father was back and was busy writing something. Han Cai sat up and his father noticed him waking up.

Han Dai " Did you sleep well? You will be leaving for the SKY SOARING SECT in two days ."

Han Dai fished out a wooden medallion from his pocket and gave it to Han Cai. "This is the outer sect medallion for the Sky Soaring sect. It cost us 15000 gold coins. Keep it safe and With this medallion you will be official outer sect disciple of Sky Soaring Sect"

Han Cai looked at the medallion it was made of wood his name Han Cai carved into it, When Han Dai saw his son take the medallion and put it in his pocket, he smiled and said, " I know you are not happy about it, but you are the youngest and smartest of all your cousins. If you do not succeed in the sect, then as a businessman, I am sure none of your cousins would ever succeed. With this medallion, you can be an outer sect disciple in the sect for the next 5 years even if you are not able to cultivate, try to build some relationships with other disciples that will help you have a better future no matter what. You should know there was also the option of buying access to a sect as workers that cost only 5000 gold coins, but those who bought workers' badges were not allowed to cultivate unless they contributed enough to the sect. So your treatment will be better compared to others who will be going with you."

Hearing this, Han Cai was shocked by the 5000 gold coins. Do you have to pay to get to work for them as laborers what kind of logic is that?

His father understood what he was thinking so Han Dai spoke" Don't be so shocked if with 5000 gold coins you get a opportunity to become an immortal, who wouldn't want to pay for that."

Han Cai understood most of the families will not spend more than 5000 gold coins but his father did not want him to join the sect as a worker so he exhausted all his years of income to make sure Han Cai gets an outer sect medallion.

His father continued" After two days the outer sect elder of the sect will come to the cloud mountain city. He will be taking you and other new disciples to the sect."

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