89 Informing The Sect

First, Han Cai wrote a letter.

Then he called one of his gray-robed subordinates. He handed the letter to him and asked him to go to Cloud Mountain City and give this letter to Yongnian, who was with his father.

After the first gray robe left with the letter

Han Cai called the second gray-robed subordiante and asked him to go to the sect hall to inform disciples working there to notify his master that he would be visiting him tomorrow, he wanted to discuss something urgent.

The next day, Han Cai visited the sect hall. When he entered, he saw that, besides his master,Elder Dongmei was also present. Han Cai was not surprised that the moment he sent gray robes to inform the sect master that he had something urgent to discuss, the dark hall might have reported to Palpatine.

They were both sipping tea.

How much tea do people consume in this world? Han Cai thought so.


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